Do It In A Day

  • String Art Tutorial

    String Art Tutorial

    If you’re like us, then you’ve seen some pretty cool string art all over Pinterest. Unfortunately, not many of those beautiful string art pics come with detailed tutorials, and if you’re anything like us you need step by step instructions so your DIY doesn’t turn into a big FAIL. So, we’re here to give you

  • Unique Birthday Gift

    Unique Birthday Gift

    Back in October, our own Miss Bridget celebrated a big birthday! 25 years baby! Typically, we try not to do too much for birthdays. Maybe a nice card or picture frame, nothing too pricey or time consuming. But this year I wanted to do something special for her big day. I’m not gonna lie, I probably

  • A Personalized Christmas Gift for your Family

    A Personalized Christmas Gift for your Family

    I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the holidays I want to check everything off my list without breaking the bank. And if I can get a gift for someone special on the cheap…and personalize it…it’s a win/win! So last Christmas, my siblings and I wanted to do something extra special for

  • How to Make a Thankful Jar

    How to Make a Thankful Jar

    The fall season makes me extra grateful. Here’s how to make a thankful jar for the season ahead…

  • I Heart Geography

    I Heart Geography

    Clearly I have a small love affair with geography. Like this homemade map art on our gallery wall… Or this state art (from Groop Dealz) that hangs in my bathroom… So to further my relationship with maps,  I just knew I needed to add a globe to my collection! That’s when I found this sucker

  • Spray Painting a Side Table

    Spray Painting a Side Table

    Meet this cute, quirky table top. Price…FREE!! When I spotted him in the garbage, I quickly swooped him up and was bound to highlight his wonderful potential. I added a few coats of white spray paint and… … that’s it!!! It was that easy to take this old table from drab to fab for super cheap.