• Top 10 Alaska Travel Tips

    Top 10 Alaska Travel Tips

    Last Alaska post… I PROMISE!! Like I mentioned during our recap post, I had a hard time finding many blog posts about an Alaskan road trip in the summer, but the ones I did read were SO helpful when planning/preparing for our trip. My hope is that this post (along with this one and this

  • Food Prep in the Finn Household

    Food Prep in the Finn Household

    Remember earlier this year when we did a post about how we both utilize our Sundays to get ready for the work week ahead? In that post, we chatted about how food prep was a big part of each of our Sunday afternoons. Okay, wait scratch that “our.” Instead, let’s replace it with “our husbands’”

  • I Married a Blogger…

    I Married a Blogger…

    Happy Friday friends!! In honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, we were invited to be a part of a group of bloggers who are letting their handsome hubbies take over their blogs to dish on what it really means to be married to a blogger. Hahaha… Oh boy! Let’s be honest here, any excuse to

  • Design Dilemma: My Husband’s Trophy

    Design Dilemma: My Husband’s Trophy

    Since starting the blog, we’ve heard from many of you ladies asking how we compromise with our hubbies when it comes to decorating our homes.  The truth is they kinda give us free-reign in our spaces. We try to be respectful of their likes & dislikes (not too much hot pink & glitter going on

  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

    2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

    So yesterday I shared how I did LOTS of brainstorming to think of the perfect gift to celebrate my second year anniversary. The tradition is to give something cotton, yet finding the perfect cotton gift was a little harder than I originally anticipated. As my students would say, the struggle is REAL. 2nd Wedding Anniversary

  • B’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    B’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    Wow… how have I been married for TWO years already?! I feel like our wedding was decades ago but at the same time, I feel like we’ve blinked and it’s been two years. Weird, right? I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! To celebrate our second year of ‘wedded bliss’, we stuck

  • Our Anniversary Photo Session

    Our Anniversary Photo Session

    Back in October, Finn & I posed for a little anniversary photo session with our wedding photographer (Gina Cristine Photography). Gina is amazing at weddings (check out the stunning pictures she took at ours!), and wants to continue her relationships with her clients well after they say, “I do.” So in order to get the

  • C’s First Year Wedding Anniversary

    C’s First Year Wedding Anniversary

    Yesterday, Mr. Finn & I celebrated one entire year of being husband and wife. Yep, we are no longer considered newlyweds. Instead you can bump us into the old & married category. We are moving on up to the big leagues, people! It’s so crazy to look back at the blog a year ago because it

  • Buying a Home in Chicago

    Buying a Home in Chicago

    At the end of May, I told you guys how we’re really struggling to find a place to buy here in Chicago. Sadly, the struggle continues. I’m not gonna lie, I jumped into this home buying process thinking it would be full of fun and excitement. Yes, at times it is fun & exciting…but there

  • Our Wedding Video

    Our Wedding Video

    Right about now Finn & I are 40,000 feet in the air en route to paradise! Yep, it has been more than 6 months since our wedding and we are finally going on our HONEYMOON. We’re staying at an adults-only resort for the next 10 days and we couldn’t be more excited. In all of the

  • Mother’s Day Gift Idea

    Mother’s Day Gift Idea

    It’s not time to get into panic mode…. not yet at least. You have plenty of time until Mother’s Day, and this post isn’t designed to get you all stressed. This post is merely designed to give you some ideas (well in advance) so that if you choose to DIY a gift, you have PLENTY

  • How to Make a DIY Baby Gate with Fabric

    How to Make a DIY Baby Gate with Fabric

    Need an inexpensive baby gate to use as a room divider in your home? Check out this step-by-step tutorial…