• How We Make Money Blogging

    How We Make Money Blogging

    They say it’s not polite to talk about money. Excuse us as we get a bit “rude” today while we completely throw that rule out the window and talk ALL about money…specifically how we make money blogging. Honestly, this is a question we get all.the.time. Many well-intentioned friends & acquaintances casually assume that we blogKeep…

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  • Tips to Make Tax Season Easier Next Year

    Tips to Make Tax Season Easier Next Year

    April 15th gets a bad rep. But we’re here to help you make tax season easier next year…

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  • How We SAVE Money on a Daily Basis

    How We SAVE Money on a Daily Basis

    Let’s talk money. Already bored? We don’t blame you… often times just the thought of money planning = instant snoozefest. We’re not here to spew our personal finances or give you life lessons on how you should or should not spend your money (not now, not EVER). Everyone has a very different situation and regardlessKeep…

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  • Blog Finances 101

    Blog Finances 101

    Let’s talk money, shall we? Blogging Finances to be exact. When we first started blogging, the absolute last thing on our mind was making money. That being said, we never really had a “plan” or quite frankly, any real idea how to handle the financial side of our blog when it came time. We stillKeep…

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