Using Chalk Spray Paint to Transform Outdated Decor

Lately, I feel like I’m focusing on so many big projects. Tackling large spaces, planning full room reveals, and narrowing in on all of the huge projects we have left to do in our house. But it’s those quick crafty projects that often reinvigorate me and keep me motivated to keep trucking along. We are waiting for our laundry room cabinets to be delivered on Thursday to start that big project (more details tomorrow about the full room gameplan!), so last week I decided to tackle a quick and easy project that I could finish in a day. Thanksgiving Tablescape

As I’ve mentioned before, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Finn will be the head chef and I’m in charge of decor. My mom hosted last year and I helped her with a super simple tablescape setup. It turned out beautiful and I’m planning to use elements of it this year too. On the tables, I’m hoping to do some vases with eucalyptus or branches, along with tea lights, these napkins, and this tablecloth. Oh, and I also ordered these containers for everyone to take home leftovers. I didn’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on new vases for the tables, so I hit up the Salvation Army and got a bunch for a few dollars! Clear cheap vases from Salvation Army

I think most everyone owns some crappy clear vases like these. You often get them when you receive flowers and I usually end up donating the vases because no one needs dozens of them taking up space! Chalk spray paint

I then ordered these cans of chalk spray paint from Amazon. Fun fact, spray paint isn’t sold in the city limits of Chicago (I believe to cut down on graffiti). So if I need spray paint for a project, I either have to drive to the suburbs or order it online. I got a can of chiffon cream, mink, and charcoal. I’ve never used chalk spray paint before, but I’ve seen some awesome projects where the matte finish at the end is modern and so high-end looking. That was my exact goal for this project!

Using Chalk Spray PaintFinn with chalk spray paint

Finn helped me out with this project as my official spray painter. When it comes to using chalk spray paint, it’s exactly like using any other spray paint! I always recommend wearing a mask because the fumes can be intense. Don’t forget to shake up the can really, really well and before you start spraying, make sure the item is super clean and dry.Chalk spray paint from Krylon in the color MinkHow to spray paint

I recommend doing multiple light coats instead of a couple of heavy ones (that could get drippy). Finn stayed about 6-8 inches away from the vases and sprayed back and forth.  He also sprayed both the inside and outside of each vase. Finn using chalk spray paint on a vase.

This is actually only Finn’s second-time spray painting (he spray painted our mailbox earlier this fall)! But he did an amazing job! Again, just keep the coats light, even if you don’t get full coverage right away. Chalk mink spray paint

Here is one of the vases still wet (you can tell because it’s shiny and it will dry matte). This is the “Mink” color from Krylon and I’m a big fan of the taupey look. Chiffon cream spray paint

Finn also used the “Chiffon Cream” color on two other vases for a white and creamy look!

Chalk Spray Paint VasesChalk spray paint vases

Here are the vases after drying! Aren’t they so pretty?! They almost look like they could be ceramic, based on that finish. You would never guess that these were cheap glass vases from the thrift store! Creamy white spray paint

The creamy white one turned out nice too, but I especially love that mink color!Spray paint chalk vase

I would have spent at least $10-$30 per vase if I bought similar looking ones in the store. A few dollars for the vases and spray paint is a big win for me. Chalk spray paint vases in the home

I’ll eventually use the vases on the tables for Thanksgiving, but for now, I have them placed around the house! Vase with eucalyptus Gold bowl with wine corks

On another note, I also found this gold bowl with little feet at the thrift store (only $5!). Such a steal and I love how unique it is. Chalk spray paint

Updating Our Bedroom LampsCharcoal spray paint

But the spray painting didn’t end there. I decided to give my master bedroom lamps a little refresh too, using the “Charcoal” chalk spray paint. Master bedroomMy white lamps before

I got these white lamps from HomeGoods over six years ago and figured it was time for a little change.

I taped off the cord and metal areas and then Finn gave each lamp three light coats. The charcoal finish was gorgeous, but I felt like it still needed something more. I decided to transform the silver areas to gold with more paint. I had this gold acrylic paint in my craft supplies, so I tried it out on one of the lamps. It turned out a little too yellowy for me.Gold spray paint

So, I headed back to Amazon and ordered this gold spray paint! I figured it was worth it to wait an extra day for it to arrive to finish up this project.

The metal areas got a few light coats of the gold spray paint and the lamps look so much better!Charcoal finish on a lampBlack lamps

Master bedroom lampsI’m obsessed with the matte charcoal lamp base and gold accents. They look more expensive and add some contrast to our all-white room.How to use chalk spray paint

How to update cheap glass vasesSo there you have it. A super simple DIY project using chalk spray paint. I highly recommend giving this spray paint a try, especially for some Thanksgiving table decor. There are tons of colors available online and the finish is really impressive!


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