Chestnut Club Kitchen Makeover

Happy Birthday Mom!!
The birthday girl is gracious enough to allow the DIY Playbook to take a sneak peek into the home we affectionately call… the Chestnut Club.
The Chestnut Club is built on tradition. Tradition. Tradition. Tradition. One tradition that dominates the center of this home (literally) and has stood the test of time: long talks around the kitchen table. These long talks are always hosted in the kitchen. All are welcome and all are usually expected. Sitting around the kitchen table solving the world’s problems is important part of this home, however, the scenery around these talks has recently changed. Check out the space our hardworking parents recently transformed…  

The first version of the kitchen was not awful, it just needed some more style and less wallpaper (sorry dad). With two trendy parents leading the charge…

…the Chestnut Club has a whole new look! Here’s the dramatic before & after pictures side-by-side.

The traditional table talks will continue, but with a much needed fresh look. And although these walls look a little different, they’re the same ones that have absorbed decades of kitchen convo secrets. Having to hear these endless hours of the five of us chatting away must be pretty brutal… the least we could do is provide them with a fresh makeover!
Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for allowing the DIY Playbook to crash your kitchen makeover.
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