Christmas Countdown Clock Tutorial

Sometimes it’s the anticipation for your upcoming vacation, your next hot date, or even your favorite holiday that is the best part. We love the traditional crafts that help count down and build the anticipation to these exciting times, but we wanted to put an original “spin” on these classics. Call us cuckoo, but it just seemed logical to mirror our countdown to one of our favorite holidays with…
This cute Christmas Countdown Clock will keep the holiday joy alive and exciting as you countdown to christmas!
… a clock! This countdown clock is the perfect way to add some holiday glam to your home, get your family involved in the anticipation, and keep your never-ending holiday to-do list in check on your way to the big day! How it works: one hand stays on the sparkle, while the other one can be moved each day as you and your elves countdown to Christmas.
Red paint and glitter, a box cutter, some wood pieces and a paintbrush will all come together to make a christmas countdown clock
Disclaimer: This project is full of a few mini projects, so excuse us as this tutorial takes you on a winding road of craziness. Follow the craziness and we promise eventually end up with a 12 days ’til Christmas countdown.
Circular Wood piece (pre-cut) from Home Depot. (It was like $5 in the lumber section)
Wood stick from JoAnn’s (as thin as you can find)
Wood star decal from JoAnn’s
Mini paint brush
Glitter (two colors… optional)
Paint (two colors… optional)
Razor blade
1 1/4″ machine screw and 4 washers
Drill (only for 2 seconds, I promise)
Alright, here’s where the winding road of crazy tutorial starts. The clock hands.
Steps to make wooden clock hands
Step 1: We looked everywhere for clock hands that we could easily drill into the base of wood and call it a day. No luck. All the ones we found were designed for functioning clocks that were made to tell time, like with a battery. Who knew? Ba-hum-bug.
We were left with two options… A. ditch the project (highly contemplated this option) or B. DIY some manual hands and move on (decided on this option, not after lots of whining and complaining).
So we grabbed a thin piece of wood from Jo-Ann and a razor blade and cut two different length arrows. We highly recommend measuring the angles/length precisely and tracing your symmetrical arrow outline on the back of the wood. Press down hard with the razor blade, following your outlines and you’ll be left with two arrows out of wood.
Step 2: You’ll put the arrows on top of each other on the MIDDLE of the circular board and drill a hole. You’ll be left ready to move on to the next step in no time.
Step 3: As a test drive, we put the 1 1/4″ machine screw through each of the holes and added a washer in between each of the arrows and on both sides of the board. This allowed the hands to move more smoothly and added a finished look to the stacked combo.
Now, that winding road we talked about, random turn here.
Adorn the clock hands and wooden stars with some festive glue and glitter
Remove the arrows so we can dress them up for the big reveal. We took the wood star decal (29 cents… and totally worth every penny #literally) and the arrows & painted them in glue. We then poured glitter on each to get this fabulously glamorous and oh-so-holiday look.
Another turn here:
Outline the letters and numbers for your Christmas countdown clock lightly in pencil
Back to our clock’s base. We sketched out “Christmas Countdown” using a pencil and fonts printed off the computer. We also sketched out the numbers in preparation for the next step: tedious painting.
Tracing the clock numbers helps give you an easy template to follow when painting your clock
And after all of the painting, attach the clock hands once again, hot glue your star, and you’re in business!
christmas countdown clock
This Christmas countdown clock is all painted and ready to go!

We love our new spin on an old favorite- counting down to one of the most magical times of the year.

A Christmas countdown clock will help ignite the holiday spirit in your home.
Prop your christmas countdown clock on your mantle and start counting!
Our holiday advice? Don’t be late….
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