Closet Makeover

Remember when I installed closet shelves a few weeks ago in my craft closet? I had some leftover material and decided to use it to tackle a few more closet shelves in my coat closet. Goodness knows that this space needed a little a lot of organizing attention. Take a look for yourself…
Before the makeover, the closet was a catch-all disaster zone! It was home to a lot of crap and not a lot of coats. (Not a winning combination). Now, it’s home to less crap and more coats (a much better combination)…
Before the makeover, there was a lot of wasted space at the very top of the closet. Using the leftover material, I installed a shelf at the very top of the closet for some extra storage. Now it looks like this…
I keep winter accessories in the black bin and keep the iron and other ironing must-haves in the white bin. The new shelf is now home to some extra paper storage. I still need to paint the ledgers, but for now- I’ll take it!
Before the makeover, I was not utilizing this hanging space nearly as much as I could have.
Now, the coat closet holds ALL of our coats, which is a major space saver in our bedroom closets.
I found these $2 hooks at Home Depot and love that they are a simple way to add a little extra storage and give us easy access to scarves or umbrellas or even Matt’s hats.
And possibly the worst part of the closet? The floor.
Yikes! As a painter’s daughter, I have no choice but to store our extra paint inside during the winter. Apparently paint should NOT freeze (news to me, thanks dad) and keeping it in the garage throughout the winter could cause these buckets of color to do just that, which could ruin the paint (again, I had no clue?!). I like the idea of saving my paint, but I do NOT like the idea of having to store this stuff inside. The solution to this mess?
A hidden shelf. I installed another shelf about 1 foot above the ground. Under the shelf, there are a few gallons of paint. Resting on the shelf is a little more paint and two bins offering even more hidden storage. One box holds all of my extra spray paint and a few tubes of chalk. The other box is home to all of our my aprons. You can tell how much I plan to use them…
And there you have it, a peek into a far more functional coat closet. Thanks to some leftover shelf material, this coat closet finally got the attention it needed and definitely deserved.
Do you store your paint inside during the winter?! Any creative storage solutions? 

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