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(DIsclaimer: We have partnered with Hickory Hardware to bring you this GIVEAWAY. All opinions and photography are our own and not influenced by Hickory Hardware. Thank you for supporting the amazing brands that support this blog. Now let’s get on with these before & after pics!)

We are busting at the seams to finally reveal Maggie’s kitchen makeover. We’ll get into the details in a second but first you have to check out these before and after shots….Maggie before kitchen Maggie kitchen after

Maggie before kitchen Maggie kitchen afterHeck, if we had a kitchen this bright and gorgeous, we would probably cook dinner a lot more often. On second thought, maybe not. But a girl can still dream, right?

We are SO excited that we were able to work with Maggie to create such a dramatic transformation that has her excited and proud of her first home. Let’s dive into some of the details…
IMG_3466These IKEA EKBY shelves cost $14 each (with brackets & shelf) and since we both love them so much in our own homes (here and here), we definitely wanted to welcome Maggie into Club EKBY shelves too.

And beyond being affordable, these shelves are pretty amazing in Maggie’s space because they offer extra storage AND help take this kitchen to the next level in the style category. We haven’t finished the family room just yet, but the shelves help pull this small space all together by allowing it to flow from kitchen to living space. In terms of items on the shelf, here’s a source list:

Top Shelf:
“M”: HomeGoods
Books: Garage Sales
Glass Jars: HomeGoods
White Jar: Clearance at Target

Middle Shelf:
Plant: IKEA
Frame + Insta Pics: SnapBox prints (24 for $6!) and JoAnn Fabric frame
Wine Glasses: HomeGoods

Bottom Shelf:
Basket: HomeGoods
Jars: HomeGoods
Cutting Board: HomeGoods

We have never incorporated any type of shelves into a kitchen area before, so styling these using kitchen-related items was a new (and fun!) experience for us.

Maggie kitchen afterIMG_3415

Maggie kitchen afterPlus, the shelves coordinate with the hardware so well, an accident we will gladly accept! This hardware though, like literally ah-mazing.

Maggie kitchen after

The original cabinets came with other silver pulls that were fine. Maggie didn’t mention wanting to change the hardware and actually loved how the kitchen looked when the cabinets were done being transformed to white. (BTW we did not DIY the kitchen cabinet transformation from oak to white. Instead, we left that big paint job to a professional. It was money well spent for Maggie, and she was even able to transform the lower cabinets in her bathroom vanity to bright white too! Just a nice reminder that it’s good to know your DIY limits, and if you don’t think you can tackle a big job like this, it’s a-okay to hire a pro).

When we mentioned to Maggie that some new, sleek hardware would really make a difference to the already transformed kitchen… honestly she was very hesitant. She told us that she couldn’t imagine that new pulls in the same color would make any real difference.

Well, well, well…. we insisted. We LOVE the options at Hickory Hardware and knew that we would prove to Maggie that hardware does make a big difference. Fast forward to when Maggie saw the cabinets for the first time with the new hardware. <– she was FLOORED. Literally, just as obsessed as we were. She couldn’t believe that the hardware made such a huge difference. The more sophisticated and sleek pulls just made the space look more “grown up” and complete.

Maggie kitchen afterPlus, the modern feel to these pulls complements the whole apartment’s style.

Overall, we couldn’t be more excited that Maggie is HAPPY with the new look. But let’s be honest around here… this kitchen (and whole apartment) was a team effort. Quite honestly, we were in charge of the easy part– the decorating. After the painting was all done (thanks Dad!), we swooped in to hang the shelves, style the accessories, and change out the hardware for the big reveal.

Maggie kitchen after



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