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Last month, I revealed our new office space…complete with an entire accent wall of duct tape. Yes, duct tape. Read more about that crazy project right here
Well, it’s one month later and I’m still pretty obsessed with our little triangle room.  In fact, I’m actually even doing work in this office! Blogging…at a desk…in an office…now that’s a bright idea! Don’t worry, the couch still calls my name every once and awhile.
white office space
As I gaze around this pretty little space, I realized that I didn’t show you many of the small details from this office makeover. Instead it was more of a here’s the disgusting before picture…and ohhhh check out the gorgeous after! I didn’t exactly go into the details about how we actually made the space functional, and how I made the desk area work for me.
I work best when I have a clean and fairly sparse workspace, so I try to keep unnecessary papers and clutter away from my work area. Instead you’ll mostly find a few pretty items, and a few functional items. Let’s dive into the details…
coffee cup
First on the list of office essentials: coffee. Coffee is a must-have no matter where I’m working. Yep..I’m addicted to my morning cup o’ joe and I have no immediate plans to take my caffeine levels down a notch #sorryimnotsorry (In fact, Bridget & I love coffee so much we even created some free coffee printables!)  This Kate Spade coffee mug lets me sip in style, and the DIY scrabble tile coaster leaves my side of the desk coffee ring free.
I love bulletin boards and inspiration boards in office spaces, especially when you need to get your creative juices flowing. But sometimes, I feel like they can look a little messy. Pushpins, clippings, photos, papers…it can be a bit much. I like my workspace organized, but I do see the importance of a small inspiration board. This chicken wire frame (a flea market find) leans against the back of my desk, and I often find myself clipping new ideas, quotes, and pictures onto it with clothespins. Sometimes it gets a little cluttered with crap..so I have to pare it down every now and again. Right now it’s only holding some fun photo booth pictures (I’ve never come across a photo booth I didn’t want to dive right into!) Whatever your style, I think it’s important to have some inspiring pieces nearby to brighten up your workspace.
pencil holder
A girls gotta have pens and colorful markers within reach, right? That’s where this little guy comes in handy. To add some color, I placed the white pencil holder in the top of a pretty box. I think the box held some stationery, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. It adds some color and pattern to the white desk space.
thank you notes
There’s nothing I love more than receiving handwritten cards and letters in the mail. What a sweet surprise to open your mailbox and find something thoughtful…and not just a pile of bills!  Because I love receiving thank you notes and letters, you better believe I love sending them out too. Whenever I see pretty stationery on sale, I’ll typically scoop it up to add to my collection. You just never know when you’ll need to write a thank you note or card. That’s why I keep these beauties at my desk, along with plenty of stamps.
Ikea Hemnes dresser
In the corner of the office we tucked this tall dresser from Ikea, which provides some serious storage. You’ll remember how I jazzed it up both with marbled paper on the drawer sides, and with new hardware and brackets. It definitely feels more glam and a tad less boring than the original. But it’s not what’s on the outside…it’s what’s on the inside that counts! This dresser holds so many office supplies and goodies. Before we had this, we literally had piles of randomness all over this room. Now everything is concealed and has a place to call home. This tall guy helps keep things much more organized around here.
mac on desk
I round out my office essentials with something fresh and alive. These fresh flowers are alstroemerias and I’m pretty sure they top my list of favorite flowers (along with hydrangeas). They just come in the most beautiful colors and they last forever. Seriously, if you need a flower to last awhile…buy a bunch of these. Love ’em. While I don’t always have fresh flowers on my desk, it sure does make me feel a bit more productive when I have beautiful sights and smells right there in front of me.
ikea desk area
So there you have it…if I’ve got coffee, inspiration, pens with pretty stationery, storage, and fresh flowers then I’ve got myself the perfect area for being productive. But let’s be real here…coffee and my computer will do 99% of the time 😉
Casey DIY Playbook
What are your office essentials? Are you more of a cluttered desktop gal…or do you prefer things tidy?

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