Design Compromise: Office Inspiration

Our office is really an all-purpose room. I get ready in here (hence the vanity), I work at the desk, I store a lot of blog/house paperwork in here, and we even squeeze a little R&R into this room from time to time. This room used to look something like this…
Office Updates

Cute, right? I really loved this look when we created it. But like any room, there has been some changes since then. The side table was donated to Maggie’s Bedroom Makeover (coming soon?! we hope so– still waiting on a few items!!). The other table was donated to our patio (we’ll chat about that next week), some of the artwork was moved to different parts of the house, and the carpet was a little too “loud” for the long-term. I hate to admit it, but living with this rug for almost two years has created a tad of design regret. #keepingitreal

I thought I loved black and white stripes, which I did then and still do now, but I have learned that I am a neutral rug kind of gal. The funny thing is that when I have people over, most new guests love this space the most! But living with this statement rug is a different story. I’m really glad I tried it and lived with it (because I did really love it then!) but I’m slowly trying to identify my style and have realized loud/statement rugs just aren’t me. Plus, the black rug showed a lot, which I am not a fan of for the long run.

office progressSo in between rearranging, donating, and just plain wanting to refresh this space, I have decided to add a few new pieces to the office and hopefully align it better with my evolving style. My style MIXED with his style because it’s all about design compromise when you share your office with the Mr.

Here’s our inspiration so far…

Office Inspiration

Neutral Rug — Check.
Using items we already have (ie. rug, curtains, accessories, etc.) — Check.
Sticking with the existing paint color (Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine) — Check.
Mixing elements for him (wood tones, rustic elements) and her (a few pops of color, gold, maybe dabble in some pink? eek!) — Check.
Adding Storage (always a welcome option in a small home) — Check.
Layering new items, old items, and DIY-ed items — Check.
Keeping it simple yet adding items with intention — Hopefully!!!

Hopefully by next week we will have an updated office to share! I’m in the process of DIY-ing this $4 Goodwill Table.

goodwill table makeover

I’m hoping it fits in the space as perfectly as I have been imagining. If so, best $4 I have ever spent!!

Matt said he really likes the mood board look so I’m going for it before he changes his mind! And maaaaaaybe adding a few more surprises along the way. <– That’s between us though.  #winkwinkBridget Signature


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