Dining Room Updates: Dishing on our new rug

So when we moved into our house, the dining room looked like this:
Empty Dining Room
As we celebrated our homes half birthday (six months in), our dining room looked like this:
World Market Dining Table

Now, about 9 months in, our dining room is looking like this….

Dining Room HomeGoods Rug
Thanks to HomeGoods, we have officially welcomed a new rug into this happy little space. I’ve always wanted a rug for this room, but haven’t been able to find one that is both fashionable and economical (keyword: economical).
Of course, I see rugs that steal my heart all the time, but I have never brought myself to spending upwards of $500+ to bring any of those beauties home. Do I really need a $500 rug? I always tried to persuade myself “maybe”, the answer always came up “no!”
HomeGoods Blue Rug
So you can imagine when I laid eyes on this 9′ x 11′ geometric rug for $109.00, I was s.o.l.d. That’s what I call HomeGoods happy. 
Dining Room HomeGoods Blue Rug
To me, this rug adds so much coziness to the space. I love our wood floors and equally love dining room table, but with the wood table sitting directly on more wood, the look was clashing and incomplete in my eyes. The rug is the perfect buffer between the two and adds a much needed warmth to the space.
Dining Room Blue and White Rug
To add even more coziness and warmth to the dining room, I added this throw blanket and pillow combo again from HomeGoods. Seeing as though I saved myself some major bucks on the rug, I didn’t feel as bad splurging on a new pillow & blanket. I mean, any excuse to buy another throw pillow is a good one as far as I’m concerned.
So, that’s the scoop on our dining room’s progress. Here’s the last few things on the to-do list for this room:
-Install a bold light fixture
-Swap out the wood chairs for mismatched colorful chairs
-Create and hang wall wart
-[Possibly] Add open shelves alongside the mirrors
World Market Dining Room Wood Table
Any other suggestions? I’m always open to some creative advice! 
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