DIY Cake Topper

(Disclaimer: If you’re not a current bride, stay tuned! This DIY cake topper can also make one darlin’ book end. Intrigued?)

When I set out looking for a cake topper, I was excited to find a treasure that was unique, meaningful, and within my rookie budget. I didn’t think this mission was going to be too difficult. Boy, was I w.r.o.n.g.

Apparently, cake toppers are EXPENSIVE, a little too cliche for my liking, and not as plentiful as I originally imagined. After some serious searching, I made the commitment to DIY a cake topper. Oh boy…

My guidelines:
1. Affordable… well, let’s be honest here- I really meant cheap.
2. Reflective of our wedding’s theme & meaningful to Matt and me
3. Not very time intensive. (I only had about a week before I had to turn it into our caterer) #oops

That’s when I hit up the local Hobby Lobby.

I simply added this….

Easy cake topper supplies- a decorative letter or ampersand

….plus this….

Spray paint to cover the character
Krylon Metallic Paint

…. and then hot glued on this…

A little decorative bling to enhance the topper

…to create…

The end result- an easy yet elegant cake topper

… this gold and glamorous ampersand. Easy enough, right? (Sorry for the blurry cell-phone pic. This was the exact pic I texted to Casey the night I finished my masterpiece). #proudrookie

Minus the frigid temperatures in my garage when I was trying to spray paint this sucker, the DIY cake topper was easy as pie, or maybe easy as cake would be more fitting?

Detail of the final product

I submitted the ampersand in to the caterer with two extra strands of pearls I had left over from my tree and held my breath until the big day. Low and behold, this little “&” didn’t let me down.

Up close of the decorative accent

She was gorgeous, meaningful, and my favorite part… AFFORDABLE! For under $15, we topped off our cake and didn’t break the bank.

Beautiful wedding cake with topper
I added pearl from our house to add a bit more

If ampersands aren’t your thing, you could use this idea to create the letter of your new last name or a meaningful number? And if you don’t need a cake topper, this gorgeous letter could be placed at the gift table, next to the place cards, used as a photo prop or just placed on your bookshelf to enjoy as a not-so wedding DIY. Wow, who knew a cake topper could be so versatile?!


For all of our fellow brides out there, any other creative DIY cake topper ideas floating around out there? We’d love to hear about them!! 

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