DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

To be perfectly honest we’re not the BIGGEST fans of dyeing Easter Eggs. As children, we were OBSESSED with it, but over the years the excitement has decreased quite a bit (sad but true).

Maybe it’s because we don’t have kids ourselves or maybe it’s because we feel “too busy” to give this tradition the time it deserves. Or maybe it’s just because our eggs always look awful after it’s all said and done! It’s hard to say why we don’t love coloring eggs, but this year we carved out time to give it another try!

We are excited to say that this little project sparked that old flame of excitement.

How to Make Emoji Easter Eggs

diy emoji easter eggs

We didn’t come up with this genius idea by ourselves. We actually saw it here, by the extremely talented Studio DIY and decided to recreate the look because it seemed so fun. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be. We had such a blast decorating these goofy eggs together and were pleasantly surprised at how EASYYYY they were.


Rookie Tip: If you’re looking for even more emoji ideas (and emoji eggs that look a lot better than ours) make sure you check out Studio DIY’s post. #epic [insert heart eye emoji on repeat here]

Creating them was probably a lot more hysterical than it should have been but who doesn’t love a good emoji?! They’re tiny symbols that bring an instant smile to our faces and one symbol that knows no age boundaries. And we promise, if we could pull off these quirky DIY eggs, we know that you (and your kids!) can too.

Supplies for Emoji Easter Eggs


Easy Steps to Recreate the Look

How to make emoji easter eggs for easter

After cooking the eggs and letting them cool/dry, we painted all of them yellow to start. You could probably use the traditional dye for this step if you’d rather, but we went with paint.  It seemed less messy and it produced a vibrant yellow color on the eggs.


We painted all of the eggs yellow and let them dry overnight. That much dry time was unnecessary, but it did help cut down on the mess and allowed us to get right to the fun part in the morning — the drawing!
For the details on the eggs, we used black and red paint pens to add our designs. This is where you (and the kids) can get really creative and choose some of your favorite emojis to recreate. After the black parts dried, we added blue and white paint to some of them so that the contrast was bold and bright. We tried using a white paint pen for this step but found the acrylic paint appeared a lot brighter when added to the eggs.

No Art Skills Required!

After about 10 minutes of doodling, we had all of these adorable little emoji eggs that had us laughing way too hard!

Rookie Tip: We are not skilled artists (not even close!) so these are far from perfect. But the imperfections actually made them more charming and a lot more fun to tackle. Trust us, if ours turned out looking somewhat like emojis, we know that you can totally do this too. <– no art skills required!

Party Time!

How to create your own DIY emoji easter eggs for easter

It would be fun to have everyone at a party, or in the family, choose a few of their favorite emojis to recreate. We’re pretty confident that even the adults would have fun (maybe a bit too much fun) with this challenge!  Having a few props on hand (like some fuzzy cotton material for hair) could also be a fun twist in this easy and hysterical project. Whatever you choose to do, we’re pretty confident you can’t go wrong with these emoji easter eggs.

Since we both use and heart emojis so much (as evidenced by our easy Emoji Halloween Costume a few years ago), we decided to pick out our faves and recreate the look. How ridiculous are these little cuties?! We think hiding these emojis all over the house on Easter morning would be awesome…and a hunt that pre-teens or teenagers may even find fun!

If you’re not a huge egg-dyeing lover but want to get the kids, family, or friends involved, then this project may be for you. It definitely won us over and still has us LOL [insert laughing emoji + clapping emoji here].


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