How to Make a DIY Tassel


Has anyone else noticed that TASSELS are all the rage right now in stores?! Before we get into this adorable fashion turned home decor trend, very IMPORTANT question. How do you pronounce the word TASSEL?!

Every time Bridget says the word “tassel” she pronounces it as “tah-sil” . Casey on the other hand insists that the word is pronounced “tas-el” We’ve had this TASSEL pronunciation debate for literally years and every time the word comes up (surprisingly more than you would think?! very random, we know), we laugh so hard because we both insist that the other is straight crazy. Now that tassels are all.the.rage, the laughter and tassel debate continue… a lot more often. And we officially need your HELP to settle this chaos! Is there even a debate?! Are there actually two ways to pronounce this word?! Which one of us is straight crazy!? Wait… maybe don’t answer that last one. 😉

Anyways… when Michaels introduced this month’s challenge as DIY TRENDS, we immediately knew what beloved item we were turning to…tassels, tassels, and more tassels.

Tassels Are On Trend!

tassel_trend.09 AM

Colorful Tassel Pillow // Tassel Table Runner // Tassel Romper (GAP) // Black & White Tassel Necklace // Tassel Blanket // Black & White Clutch // Tassel Crossbody Bag // Colorful Clutch // Light Pink Tassel Necklace // Tassel Sandals

We have seen an explosion of tassels in both the fashion and home decor worlds. I mean, who doesn’t love a fun tassel accent?! And we thought this was a great chance to chat about how fashion trends can totally influence home decor decisions. Before we get into our DIY tassel tutorial for the day, we also thought it would be fun to each show a little tassel love from our closets.


Casey went with a gold tassel necklace to jazz up an otherwise plain gray dress. 


While Bridget rocked a colorful tassel clutch from Target! 


We love that the tassel in both outfits is a fun, feminine accent, but not necessarily the focus of either look. And that’s exactly how we see the “role” of tassels in home decor. Tassels are a fun way to accent a piece you already love (and already have).

We didn’t buy any new decor items for this project but instead wanted to “jazz” up an item we already had with a DIY tassel. All we had to buy was yarn and thread <— a $5 investment that was well worth it. (Forewarning: The yarn section at Michaels is HUGE so the hardest part of this whole project was deciding on which color yarn we wanted to use).

How to Make a DIY Tasseldiy_tassel_pillow_tutorial-18

DIY Tassel – Supplies

  • Yarn
  • Fabric scissors (way easier to use than regular ones)
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Needle & Thread

DIY Tassel – Project Steps

  1. The piece of cardboard will come in handy for the first step of this project, as it will keep the size of your tassel consistent. We just found some cardboard that came with something we recently purchased, and used that! But anything small & sturdy should work for you!

2. Loosely wrap the yarn all the way around the cardboard. We ended up going around about 50 times. Then cut it off the end of the spool of yarn.


3. Take a large piece of yarn and (loosely) tie one of the top edges of the yarn. Make sure you get underneath every layer of yarn. 


4. Take those handy dandy fabric scissors and cut through all of the yarn on the opposite side of the cardboard. With the yarn off of the cardboard, you can now really tighten the top piece of yarn and double knot it. 5. Now take another piece of yarn (a long one!) and tie it around the top portion of the tassel. Tuck the ends into the rest of the yarn so it blends in. 


6. Repeat a bit farther down on the tassel. 


7. Once your DIY tassel is made, it’s time to give it a “haircut” so the ends are even. You’ll want to continue these steps until you have 4 uniform tassels. 


8. Now don’t be intimidated if you’re not a seamstress, because we certainly are not! You’ll simply take your needle and thread up through the tassel so it comes out on top in the middle (ish) <– The thread will be so tiny, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
9. Once the thread is through the top of the tassel, it’s time to attach one tassel to each of the corners of the pillow. You’ll do that by poking the needle and thread through the back of each corner and going through the pillow a few times to secure the tassel to the pillow. (again, as long as the thread is hidden in the back or under the tassel, you’re good and don’t have to make it look perfect) 10. Secure the thread with a knot at the end, and your tassel should be secured to the corner of the pillow. (Repeat that method for the remaining three corners). 


And that’s all it takes! Doesn’t our boring old gray pillow look so much more trendy? We’re on board with the tassel trend…especially when it only costs a couple dollars to upgrade our decor. 


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