DIY Time Out: Casey’s August Favorites

DIY Time Out

Casey's August Favorites

My sister-in-law (Thanks Jackie!) got this awesome jewelry cleaner for me and I’ve become pretty obsessed with cleaning my engagement ring, watch, and earrings regularly. All I do is add water and a splash of hydrogen peroxide, hit the button, and listen as the machine cleans away all of the dirt and grime on my jewelry. It works really well and everything always comes out sparkly!
 I love me some Ann Taylor Loft. It is by far my favorite place to shop for clothes and I always venture in when they’re having a 40% or 50% off sale (which happens all.the.time.) I bought these coral shorts at the start of the summer and they’ve gotten plenty of use. I typically pair it with a white or black top and a chunky statement necklace.
On the weekends, you’re most likely to see me with dirty, unwashed hair. Sorry, it’s the truth! I just hate blow drying my hair when it’s so darn hot out, and I like to give my hair a “rest” on the weekends. Cute straw hats like this one are a lifesaver when my hair isn’t looking too hot. A low messy bun, some cute earrings, and this hat….I’m all set for a Saturday afternoon!
 We live in a loft, which means our bedroom walls only go 3/4 of the way up the wall. It’s fine most of the time, but when I’m trying to go to sleep and Finn is awake…no bueno. This sleep machine (again another purchase by my fab sister-in-law!) is a great way to drown out any noise.  This machine isn’t like any of the somewhat annoying ones with bird calls, rainforest sounds, and soothing guitar strings. Instead, it is just white noise. It lulls me right to sleep every single night.
For my birthday, my mom got me wedges similar to these but with pink stripes. (I think the theme of this post is “Casey doesn’t shop for herself.” Clearly I’m not a big shopper!) Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but I’ve gotten so many compliments on them.
This lip balm is always on my desk at work, so I can keep my lips smooth and flake-free! You can find these lip balms mostly anywhere (Walgreens, Walmart, Target) or you can purchase through our Amazon store here.
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