DIY Time Out: Christmas Edition

Today is a special day. No, not because it is Black Friday (anyone get some deals this morning?!) Today is special because it is our annual Favorite Things Party.

You can read all about the party from last year’s post right here. But I’ll also sum it up for you.

-We invite a big group of women over to Janimal’s house.
-In the invitation, we tell everyone to choose a favorite item that they have absolutely loved over the course of the year.
-Bring 3 of that same item, and try and spend about $90-$100 total for all 3.
-At the party, explain why you love your favorite thing.
-Then, you’ll have a chance to choose 3 new things to bring home and give as a holiday gift, or save for yourself (no judgment here…last year I kept all of my picks!)

The party is tonight, but we wanted to give you guys a sneak peek into the favorite things of the special women in our life.

Here’s Casey’s family and their favorite things…

Team Casey's Favorite Things

 1. Deluxe Travel Kit: This year I purchased this awesome travel kit for a two week trip.  I needed something that would hold all of my toiletries and didn’t want to worry about them spilling all over my clothes in my carry-on.  Unlike squeeze able bottles, the hard plastic bottles are air tight and durable. I’ve found the bottles are easy to refill and not nearly as messy as other 3 oz. travel size containers.  As a frequent traveler, I am constantly going through security, and this mesh bag is perfect, you can throw in the bin without having to put in a plastic quart-size bag because it is transparent.  Happy, mess-free travels!”

2. Mercury Glass Jar Candle: “I have an obsession with candles from Anthro, and this just makes my obsession even stronger. The mercury glass jar is so glam, and the candle inside is even better. Smells amazing, lasts forever, and instantly updates any home decor space.” -Casey

3. Cutco Knife: I got this knife about 5 years ago and have used it almost everyday since. It is so easy to use, it never gets dull, and can be used for most any kind of cutting. The warranty is guaranteed forever and it is made in the USA.” -Mary, aka Casey’s “Meme”

4. Urban Decay Eyeliner: “I love it because it has six different colors of eyeliner in a nice, compact case.  The eyeliner colors have a bit of sparkle to them, so they are fun and unusual.  When I am in a hurry, these colors give my eyes some pizazz without having to wear any eyeshadow.” -Jan

5. Seven Color Watch Set: “I love this watch set because it is trendy, flashy, and versatile.  No matter what I’m wearing, chances are there is a band that will work.  It’s a great, inexpensive way to add variety to your wardrobe.” -Jackie

Here’s Bridget’s family and their favorite things…

Bridget's Fav Things

1. Eat Cake for Breakfast Coffee Mug ($20): “I love my morning cup of coffee and drinking it out of this Kate Spade mug reminds me that life is too short to worry about counting calories, skipping dessert or not indulging in a little something sweet first thing in the morning. Cheers to skipping the healthy dose of yogurt and diving right in to a piece of delicious cake!” -Maggie 

2. Gold Deer Silhouette Pillow ($24): “You can never have enough pillows, right? I love the new trend of these sparkling pillows, especially around the holidays! I think it’s the perfect mix of holiday, sparkle and coziness. Mix this pillow with a fluffy plaid blanket and you have an inviting space full of trend-setting texture!” -Bridget [a variety of sparkly holiday pillows can be found @HomeGoods!]

3. Estee Lauder Eye Liner ($26): “This is by far my favorite make-up essential. This Estee Lauder eye liner comes in a few different colors, my favorite is dark navy. The liner goes on smoothly and the liner lasts a longggg time! When I run out, I just buy the refills rather than buying a whole new liner.” -Katie

4. Target Leopard Flats ($14.99): “As far as I’m concerned, these fifteen dollar flats match with everything! Along side stripes, polka dots, bright colors… these flats just work and add a J.Crew flare on a Target budget.” -Danielle

5. Revlon Lipstick ($4.99): “My signature color: Mocha Ice. Wherever I go, whoever I see…. you can bet that I will have my favorite lipstick on!” -Pat 

Hopefully we gave you a few gift ideas so you can tackle that never ending holiday to-do list. 

Happy Shopping!