DIY Time Out: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, we thought it might be nice to give our favorite readers some gift ideas for their own fabulous moms. But since we are not mothers (and therefore not experts on the topic) we knew we had to enlist some real experts… and when we say experts, we mean the two biggest experts we know. Our own MOMS!

Jan (aka Janimal) and Pat are two regulars here on DIY Playbook and we thought it might be fun if they shared some of the products and items that they’re currently crushing on. Perhaps this will inspire you to find a gift that your own mother (or even you!) will truly love.  

First up, Janimal’s favorites…

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
  1.  Backpack: I went back to school last fall to work on a Master’s degree and I needed a heavy duty backpack to carry my books, my lunch, my laptop and my water bottle. I realized early on that all my stuff is HEAVY! This backpack is strong, comfortable, and light and I can keep everything organized and ready for class without weighing me down!
  2. Sperry Topsiders: I love these shoes!! They are just about the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and this gold color looks good with everything. I wear them with pants, with shorts, sometimes even with casual skirts and dresses.
  3.  Keurig Coffeemaker: I used to make a pot of coffee every morning, drink one or two cups, and then throw the rest away. Now, with this great gift from my son, I can make one delicious cup at a time…no more waste! Plus, there are so many great flavors (and even tea and hot chocolate) to choose from.
  4.  Starbuck’s iPhone App: This is one of my favorite phone apps. Now, I don’t need cash when I want a good cup of coffee. I can easily load money onto this app and when it’s time to pay for my drink at Starbucks, I just wave the bar code in front of their scanner. It keeps track of my account and I earn stars towards free drinks.
  5.  Iced Tea MakerThis is one kitchen appliance that this iced tea lover could not live without. I always have a big pitcher of iced tea in my refrigerator and this is the way I brew it perfectly every time!
  6.  Motorola Blue Tooth: In Illinois the motto is “Cell phone in one hand, ticket in the other!” Well, I don’t want any tickets, but I spend so much time in the car that I wanted to be able to talk on the phone while I drive. The answer is this great little gadget. I can keep my eyes on the road and talk all I want without worrying about a ticket!
  7.  Kitchen Garbage Can: This garbage can has a sensor that opens the lid when you wave your hand over it. The lid stays nice and clean because I don’t ever have to touch it. Even if my hands are gooey when I’m cooking, the garbage goes in the can without any mess on the outside.
  8. Jambox: My sons and soon to be son-in-law gave me this as a birthday gift and with this little box I have music wherever I want it.  It is wireless, so I go to Pandora on my phone and I can listen to music all day long.  It has wonderful sound for such a small, little gadget.
  9. Water Bottles: This year I decided to develop my ecological spirituality and one thing I did was stop buying bottled water. Instead, my daughter gave me six re-usable water bottles that I keep in my refrigerator. I use them, wash them in the dishwasher, fill them up and put them back in the refrigerator until the next time. Even if I have company, I can offer them water from my re-usable water bottles and I’m not helping to pollute the environment.  
More Mother's Day Gift Ideas
  1. Blazer: I love a bright blazer that I can use to dress up or dress down an outfit. I pair this bright blue blazer with all sorts of colors and prints to create a colorful look that fits in at all types of occasions this spring. I usually look at the Limited or the LOFT for an affordable blazer that I can wear all season long.
  2. Neutral Nail polish: I’ve been wearing quite a bit of neutral nail polish lately, and I love that it is so versatile. The neutral shimmer seems to match with almost everything, plus it’s just enough color to add a little shimmer to my look without being overwhelming or too flashy. (Although, I have been known to love a bold color too!)
  3. Flats: Most recently, I have been wearing Target’s leopard flats because my daughters gave them to me as a gift and I really love them! Again, I feel like I can wear them with almost anything, plus they are affordable and easy to travel with. And because they have such a busy pattern, they are far more forgiving when they get scuffed or stained. 
  4. bareMinerals Make-up: I don’t typically wear a ton of make-up, however, I love bareMinerals. The blush feels like it is barely there and stays on all day. This blush comes in a large variety of colors and lasts a long time! I brush it on lightly in the morning and don’t ever have to reapply, plus I never feel like it is too heavy or oily for my face. 
  5.  Pond’s Moisturizing Cream: Moisturizing is part of my daily routine and is so important in maintaining healthy skin. I use Pond’s Moisturizer at least once, sometimes twice a day to keep my face moisturized, protected, and most importantly, healthy. 
  6. Ready to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies: These are great to have on-hand in your refrigerator. This pre-made cookie dough gives you the homemade taste without the homemade hassle. If I have company over at the last minute and I’m looking for a last-minute dessert idea, I pop some of these in the oven and in a few minutes, I have warm cookies to serve to my guests without the mess!
  7. GODIVA Chocolate Martini Mix: Every once in a while, I enjoy a Chocolate Martini and this GODIVA Martini Mix makes for a delicious one at home! Placing this mix in a basket with a few other drink essentials could make a great gift for the Martini lover in your life. Cheers to them!  
  8. Lint Free Cloths: I buy these at the DollarStore and absolutely love them for cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces in my house. I usually use them with a glass cleaner and love that they don’t leave lint, fuzz, or any unwanted residue on my newly cleaned surface. Two cloths for only $1, you can’t beat ’em!
  9. Electrolux Vacuum: This is probably one of my all-time favorite things on the list. I use this vacuum at least once a day, usually more. Its charger is also its “stand”, which I keep in my pantry. I pull out this cordless and lightweight vacuum whenever I can. Usually once in the morning and once after dinner, I do a quick round around my first floor, which takes about 3 minutes and boy does it make a big difference! I then take it back to its charger, close the door of the pantry and let it hide until next time.

A big thank you to our two favorite ladies for taking the time to share their favorite items with us and all of you. We’re glad they gave us a few hints before their big day. (wink, wink).

Oh, and if you need a personalized tag for your mother’s day gifts, we have your back! Download a set of FREE tags here & make your mom’s day a little extra special… she deserves it! 

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