DIY Time Out: Winter Edition

These 2 Chicago ladies are sick of the snow, sick of the cold, and just plain tired of this harsh winter.  Sure the first snow day was a-okay with us, but now this is just getting ridiculous.  But we suppose that is just one of the things that comes with living in the midwest…ya just never know what you’re gonna get. So we’re dealing with winter the best way we know how…in style!

Here’s some of our favorite winter must-haves that are making this season a little more bearable.

Part I
1. Hunter Boots: These boots are a bit pricey, but they’re sooooo worth the splurge. We both own a pair of black ones and they’ve survived multiple winters. They’re great for overcoming big slushy puddles, but the inserts also keep your footsies nice and toasty! —C & B

2. Leather Gloves: I own a pair of black leather gloves and they’re a staple in my winter wardrobe. I wear them constantly and I’ll be damned if I lose one. —Casey

3. Spray Tan: I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a spray tanner! Yep, I’ll tell you loud and proud. I used to do real tanning beds back in college, but I finally wised up and got my skin healthy again. Now it is only fake tanning for me! This Neutrogena spray is my absolute favorite. No orange skin here. —Casey

4. Yogi Green Tea: If I’m feeling a little chilly at work I simply make a nice cup of green tea. The Yogi brand is the best because they always have an inspirational message on them. Definitely a nice pick-me-up in the afternoon. —Casey

5. Ikea Sheepskin: I’ve always admired the sheepskin look that I’ve seen in other bloggers’ homes. However, I was always a little too chicken to actually incorporate it into my own style. Well not any more! On my last Ikea trip I picked up one of these and I haven’t looked back! It’s so warm and cozy, and I find myself constantly moving it around our home. On a bench…draped over a chair…over the back of a stool…wherever it is, I’m loving it! —Casey

6. Bath Salts: Whenever I’m chilly and can’t warm up, I always take a nice hot bath. I know it totally dries out my skin in the wintertime, but I just can’t help it! It’s soooo relaxing and instantly warms me up. I’m more of a bath salt girl than a bubble bath girl, so these are a must near our bathtub (plus they add a decorative element to the side of our tub!) —Casey

7. Jodi Picoult Books: Jodi Picoult is without a doubt my favorite fiction writer. I’ve read all of her novels, some even twice! If you’re looking for a new read, pick up anything of hers and you won’t be sorry. —Casey

8. Kate Spade Coffee Mug: I recently received this exact mug from a relative and I’m obsessed. You know Bridget and I are both coffee fanatics, and drinking out of a fashionable mug just makes my morning cup o’ joe taste that much better! —Casey

Part II
1. Coffee To-Go Mug: I take coffee on the run Monday-Friday. I appreciate the weekends when I can  relax and sip coffee out of a regular mug, but having a cute to-go mug makes drinking it on the way to work far more enjoyable. —Bridget

2. Scarf: I’m definitely a scarf girl. Not this EXACT scarf, but in general, I wear scarves three seasons a year. Having a thick, warm, staple scarf in this brutal winter is a must! I tend to gravitate toward neutral colored scarves so they are versatile and can work with almost every outfit. —Bridget

3. Black Tights: Being a teacher by day, I have to dress the part during the week. To keep warm at work while still looking professional, I rock lots of black tights usually paired with…

4. Black Suede Wedges: I don’t have these exact wedges, but ones very similar. I am loving the black wedge this winter. I’m usually on my feet for a big portion of the day so a comfortable shoe is important. These black wedges are winter-y, functional, & perfect paired with tights. —Bridget

5. Doughnuts: Need I say more? These treats are my breakfast favs all.year.round. Fortunately for my waistline, these delicious treats aren’t a daily indulgence. —Bridget

6. Winter headband: I have a winter headband very similar to this one and I love it! My favorite part is that this headband keeps your ears warm, yet doesn’t totally mess up your hair-do. Here’s a peek at me rocking one of my winter headbands here. —Bridget

7. Patagonia Vest: Splurge alert! This one is not-so rookie salary friendly, but for the amount of use I get out of it…. I do feel like the price tag was worth it for me (plus, I got it on super sale!). This vest is warm, fuzzy and super cute to add layers to any winter outfit. Thanks to my trendy little sister, I feel like I’m up on the winter trends with this piece, yet still warm and cozy. Thank girl! —Bridget

For this DIY Time Out, we enlisted the help of one of our favorite bloggers to share the winter items she can’t live without. Here’s what Michelle from Iron & Twine is currently crushing on…

1. Anthropologie Monogram Mug:  Coffee, cocoa, cider or tea…a good mug is essential! This season my go-to cup is this Anthropologie Monogram Mug. Not too big, not too small, but just right for that certain cup of warm-me-up!

2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion: Winter months can be harsh on your skin and skimping on a good moisturizer can be a winter don’t. To ensure my skin is spring ready, I stick to Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. And from someone who’s tried them all, this is hands down my favorite!

3. Softlips – Classic Vanilla: Soft lips…enough said.

4. Bed Buddy Hot Pack: Ok, this thing looks and sounds super silly, but I promise it’s life changing! Pop this thing in the microwave for a couple minutes and voila ~ instant heat pack. It’s typically meant for muscle pain, but this thing works great for lazy snow days huddled on the couch watching movies.

5. Crate & Barrel Zinc Boot Tray with Liner: To help corral wet & snowy boots and shoes, this boot tray is the perfect mudroom or entryway accessory!

6. Original Hunter Rain Boots & Welly Socks: These Hunter Boots & Welly Socks are the perfect pair for warmth and comfort! Whether shoveling snow, or going on a winter walk, these are a must have! And the best part?! When winter turns to spring, these boots are the perfect accessory for rainy days and afternoons spent gardening.

7. North Face Gloves: These gloves will keep you warm while also ensuring you don’t miss a beat texting, Instagraming and web browsing.

8. LLBean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet, Fitted Stripe: To ensure a good night sleep, flannel sheets will help you stay warm on those brutally cold winter nights.

9. Le Creuset, French Onion Soup Bowl: French onion soup is my favorite easy go-to winter dinner. And while these Le Creuset handled bowls cost a pretty penny, their durability to withstand high heat, allows you to place them in the oven to ensure that perfect melted cheese topping! By far this is one of the most used items in our kitchen!

10. West Elm Favorite Throw:  Love these throws! And at this price you might as well splurge on two…or three!

*. Fresh Flowers: Nothing can brighten up a dreary winter day better than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Hit up your local grocer for an affordable arrangement. This time of year I love a large vase filled with colorful tulips.

Check out Michelle’s drop dead gorgeous home tour here, but in the meantime, here’s some tulip eye candy from her home. She’s so right, a vase of tulips really does brighten up a dreary winter day!

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