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It’s time to take a DIY time-out around here! Since we’re not even close to being done talking about all things wedding, we thought it would be fitting to make a list of Bride & Bridesmaid’s Wedding Day Must Haves. Come check out our favorite things from Bridget’s big day….

Bridget's Wedding Day Must-Haves

1. Pearl Earrings: Pearls were my jewelry of choice for the big day. I don’t wear that much jewelry in “real life” so I wanted this to be reflected on my big day. I went for simple pearls studs (fake) and thanks to my favorite DIY rookie, borrowed a real pearl bracelet. I’m so thankful that A. Casey had pearls to lend me and B. I was able to check off my “something borrowed” from one of my favorite people in the world.
2. Ivory Scarves: We gave ivory scarves as a tiny token of appreciation for all of the wonderful women in our wedding. The grandmas, readers, and all of the ladies who had a key role in the ceremony were given a simple ivory scarf. And, I rocked a simple scarf throughout the day. I’m a scarf lady and I was happy to have one of my “staples” as a part of the day.
3. Sparkling Flats: Simple, affordable, comfortable, and most importantly… ready for a long night of dancing! I love heels, but to eliminate the fuss of having to change shoes half way through the day, I went with the flats and never looked back. #functionoverfashion
4. Mistletoe: A holiday wedding definitely calls for mistletoe, right? It just seems like the perfect symbol to blend a day of “love” and the holidays. We added mistletoe to our DIY photobooth (stay tuned) & enjoyed watching all of the fellow lovebirds smooch in front of the lens.
5. Antique Frames: Again, a part of our DIY photobooth. I snagged two large gold frames for less than 10 bucks and our guests had a ball with them!
6. Chalk: Matt and I and our amazing bridal party had the pleasure of taking pictures before the ceremony at Matt’s former high school. Since Matt and I are both teachers (and met teaching) we thought it was only appropriate to incorporate “school” somewhere into our big day. We used the chalk to write a few messages on some classroom chalkboards (more on that soon) and also heard chalk is a good tool to mask anything that may get on your dress. Seeing as though we had 6 white dresses in the crowd, the chalk definitely came in handy for more than just a photo-op!
7. Lots of Coffee in Cozy Mugs: For a long and cold day like we had, lots of coffee (in cute mugs of course) was a wedding day must. We even gave our bridesmaids coffee gift cards the night before- just to make sure they were fueled
8. Red Nail Polish: Let’s not get crazy, I didn’t rock red nail polish on my fingers… this red polish was part of my pedicure. I love red nail polish, but I don’t know if I could pull off that bold statement in an all white wedding.

Now.. onto my amazing bridesmaid’s favorite things. Case, what were your wedding day must haves?

Casey's Wedding Favroites

1. Convertible Mittens:These all white mittens provided just the right amount of warmth on Bridget’s big day! I’m always a big fan of the glove/mitten combo and these went well with my white dress.

2. Coach Love Rollerball: This portable rollerball fragrance was a perfect addition to my clutch for the night. The scent isn’t too powerful and with “love” in the name it seemed fitting for Bridget’s big day!

3. Beaded Clutch: Now this isn’t the exact clutch I had with me at the wedding, but it is very similar! It fit our white & silver bridesmaid’s theme and was a great size…not too big, and not too small. The best catchall for all kinds of wedding day goodies.

4. Blonde Bobby Pins: I went with a half-up, half-down hairdo for Bridget’s wedding and there were plenty of bobby pins stuck up into my hair. Whenever I see blonde bobby pins I snatch them up because they’re often difficult to find. I made sure to keep some with me all day long just in case my hair (or more importantly the bride’s hair!) needed any more securing.

5. Altoids: Typically I’m a big gum girl (Trident spearmint is my favorite), but I didn’t want to be chomping away on gum in all of B’s wedding pictures. So Altoids were my mint of choice for the day. They’re curiously strong ya know…

6. Bare Minerals Bronzer:When you’re in a wedding in December, your skin is probably not looking its tannest. That’s okay. I get a glow all year round with my favorite bronzer.

7. Essie Nail Polish in “Better Together”: I’m no nail guru, but apparently Essie is the new rage in nail polish. I just love that they have an entire wedding collection of colors. This one was perfect for my manicure and it was so fitting that the color is called “better together.” Love it!

8. Chandelier Earrings: My dress had some silver sparkles on the front, so I decided to get some sparkly chandelier earrings to match. These added just the right amount of sparkle, without being overly flashy. I’m hoping I can get some more use out of them this year too!

Bridget and Casey DIY Playbook
Any brides or bridesmaids out there? What were your favorite items that came in handy on the big day?

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