How to Organize Measuring Cups and Spoons

Now, let me preface this post by saying I’m no Betty Crocker. Sure, I’ll make cookies every now and then. But I’ve never baked a cake. Never iced a homemade cupcake. Nope. Desserts just are not our thing around here…

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have measuring cups and spoons floating around in various drawers of our kitchen.Over the years, we’ve bought many sets of those darn things. But inevitably, a spoon or cup would get lost into the great unknown.

I’m guessing those measuring cups and spoons have given you trouble throughout the years…

  • You need 1/2 t. for a recipe, and dang it the 1/2 teaspoon cannot be found!
  • Or you cram all of the little cups into one another like nesting dolls, they barely squeeze into your kitchen drawer, and the next time you open that drawer they burst out and escape onto your countertop.
  • Or how about you’re digging through your random drawer of kitchen crap, pulling out the chopsticks (?), wine stoppers, pizza cutters…everything just so you can find the ½ measuring cup!

Yep, all of the above have definitely happened to us. Until now.

How to Organize Measuring Cups and Spoons


Here’s all you need to create your own.


  • 2 long paint sticks
  • Chalkboard paint and chalk
  • Command Strips, Velcro, or Drill & Screws
  • Screw-In Hooks
  • Set of measuring cups
  • Set of measuring spoons (Rookie Tip: For the cups and the spoons, I would recommend buying plastic, instead of metal. Just because you don’t want them making too much noise when you open and close the doors. Also, you need ones with the “holes” on the handles so they can hang easily.)

All I did was cover the paint sticks with chalkboard paint. Attached the screw hooks, and wrote on the rulers with a chalkboard marker.


Now, we are renters so we didn’t want to damage the cabinets, so we attached some Velcro to the cabinet and back of the paint sticks, and they stuck up there perfectly! If you’re a homeowner, feel free to drill the paint sticks into your cabinet with short screws.


Make sure you position everything so the cabinet can close easily. You may have to push a few things towards the back of the cabinet to make room for the cups to hang inside.

Organizing measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen.

Easy as pie (not that I can bake a pie or anything…)

So far we haven’t misplaced any cups or spoons with our new organized setup. Heck, maybe this beautiful new measurement station will even inspire me to start baking…But probably not.


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