Bridget’s Engagement Photo Shoot

The save-the-dates are sent. The engagement photo shoot is done and the photos are finally ready to share! Here’s a glimpse into day one of the two day engagement shoot picture reveal. Today’s photos are based on a few of our favorite things- simple, old fashioned fun. Come take a look…
This tandem bike with fresh roses and Coca-Cola bottles in the basket is cute for an engagement photo shoot.
This engaged couple posing on the tandem bike holding flowers look happy.
Props like a tandem bike, bouquet of white roses, and fun Coca-Cola bottlers were great additions to the engagement photo shoot.
This happy engaged couple look blissful posing for their photo on the tandem bike.
An engagement photo shoot on a tandem bike is fun and unique.
This happy engaged couple share a kiss on the grass in front of their tandem bike.
These old fashioned engagement pictures with a tandem bike and antique soda bottles are adorable.
Things I didn’t love:
– The weather. Holy humidity! I.was.dripping. No, not in diamonds… in sweat.
– Sweat was only the start of these problems. The humidity was doing nothing fabulous for the hair. Note to fellow brides… bring extra hairspray ladies!
– We had to drive a pick-up truck to the shoot in order to lug the tandem bike. The kicker was that the pick-up truck didn’t have air. Over 90 degrees, dripping humidity, no air conditioning… not the perfect recipe for a once in a lifetime photo shoot!
 More importantly, things I LOVED & learned: 
– Bring props! I loved that we brought a few simple props that made the photo shoot reflect things that we love. There’s no right or wrong, it’s what special to your relationship. Think about what you love doing together and run with it.
– Do something, don’t just sit around! I love that we had a little “activity” planned during our shoot because riding around this spectacular neighborhood made the shoot far more natural and absolutely hilarious. We felt like we were on a genuine date, rather than an awkward photo shoot.
– Don’t sweat the little stuff. Humidity, a non air-conditioned pick up truck, or anything else that pops up along the way…. go with it! It’s what makes the journey memorable. The good, bad & ugly- it’s all worth it so sit back with your honey and enjoy!
If you’re diggin’ these, tune in Thursday for part two of our engagement shoot! Spoiler alert: there’s a wardrobe change, a different atmosphere, and a whole lot more lovey dovey-ness.

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