Etsy Shop Hall of Fame: Studio 255

Looking for a new way to add a little extra glam to your holiday cards this year? Look no further!! We have recruited Sydney from the fabulous Etsy Shop, Studio 255, to give us the details on all things holiday mail. Where to find the best postage stamps, when to send out those beloved cards, or where to buy the best envelope dressings <– she’s got us covered! 

What is your etsy shop all about? 

My Etsy shop, Studio255, mostly features address stamps and holiday cards (usually for the Christmas season & Valentines Day).
How did you get involved in this business?
I’ve been designing custom wedding stationery for 3 years now, and in the midst of that, I myself got engaged. By the time our wedding rolled around, my now-husband and I decided that we’d spent enough money on the big day, so our wedding presents to each other should be something thoughtful under $30. I got him a carved wooden box for his cuff links, watches and rings – and he had two rubber stamps made for me, one of my company logo and the other of our wedding monogram. It wasn’t until that point that I thought to enter into the world of rubber stamps, and I expanded my stationery company to include an Etsy shop full of stamps.

We love glamorous snail mail, but don’t always know how to dress up an envelope on a budget. What tips would you offer our readers as they prepare to send out holiday cards and want to step up their game in the process?
If you have the time to cut out envelope liners, I think a fun and inexpensive route to take would be using wrapping paper that compliments your holiday card design. I like to stick liners in place with scrapbooking squares, though double sided tape works just as well. Other quick tips would be to coordinate the color ink that you use to address your envelopes with the color of ink pad that you stamp your address in, purchase holiday postage stamps, and a roll of gold washi tape or some holiday stickers are a great way to make sure your envelopes stay shut.
Where do you suggest we shop for our creative mailing needs? 
For ink pads my go-to is Paper Source, I LOVE the VersaMagic and Brilliance brand ink pads – I find that they leave the cleanest imprint. The wrapping paper that I used as an envelope liner (photographed) is from Paper Source as well. has a large selection of postage stamps – way more than any single post office location has in stock – so that you can find the design that best compliments what you’re sending. See the difference in the below photo…

If you could only buy ONE item to step up your snail mail game, what would that ONE item be? 
Outside of suggesting that you purchase one of my gorgeous address stamps, I’d say the easiest and most cost effective ways to jazz up your envelope is through the postage stamp that you select – the fun designs on don’t cost any more than the regular flag stamps. I’ll probably be stocking up on their gingerbread design for my personal holiday cards this year.
Any general tips or ticks to keep in mind?
When do we send out holiday cards?
Ideally, I’d aim for the first two weeks of December – this way you’re way ahead of the USPS’s busiest mailing day of the year: December 20th. If you’re swamped with holiday preparations, consider sending out a more generic holiday card (like my Happy Everything cards) or a Happy New Year card, and send those out as you’re working on your Thank You notes in the days following Christmas.
TRENDSETTER: Favorite pattern this holiday season: This year I have been all about the gold, I find that it instantly dresses up anything from paper to outfits.
One word to describe your shop: Snail-mail (if I hyphenate it does it count as one word?)

We’ll count it!! Thanks for giving us the 411 on all things snail-mail. We are honored to induct Studio 255 into the Etsy Shop Hall of Fame here on the DIY Playbook because we adore all of the fabulous-ness that this shop has to offer. Seriously, go check it out for yourself here and if Sydney inspired you as much as she inspired us to start sending our snail mail… make sure you sign up for the Holi-D.I.Y Card Exchange here

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