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It’s no secret around here that we heart are obsessed with fall. Pumpkin spice lattes, football weather, colorful trees– bring it on! To top off this list of our favorite fall things — fall clothes. There just aren’t many things in life better than a big comfy scarf, oversized sweaters, warm boots, and bundling up with our sweeties. But let’s be real here, we are NO experts on “fashion” (remember this embarrassing fashion post?). But heck, that isn’t stopping us from having a little fun with our fall fashion! We thought we’d try to redeem ourselves after the backwards dress incident. Thankfully, we think B’s clothes are all facing the right direction this season…

casey and BridgetSuch rookies! Graciously look past these two awkward blondes not having any clue how the amazing fashion bloggers do this on an everyday basis, and let’s chat about some of our fall must-haves.

casey and BridgetUp first on the runway…. our soon-to-be fall BRIDE! (insert applause here).

So Case, while we sip our Pumpkin Spice Lattes and dream of our fall bucket lists, you have to spill your fall fashion secrets. What are your go-tos lately? caseyLike most girls in the fall, I too have a love for colorful scarves. Add some punch and personality to a ho-hum outfit with a bright color wrapped around your neck. The only problem for me is remembering that I have all of these great scarves. I tend to just grab the same ones over and over again, and don’t spread the love to my entire collection. Perhaps I see a scarf organization project in my future….

My go-to colors for fall are browns and grays. They just scream fall to me! I’m also really big on layering. You’ll often seem me with a long sleeve shirt on, topped with a big cozy sweater. Then on the bottom, you’ll pretty much always find me in some kind of skinny jeans with boots. I have skinny jeans in a wide variety of shades, and I’ll always pair them with fun footwear. Boots are probably the best part of fall for me. I just instantly feel dressed up when I zip some on and head out the door. I purchased these Naughty Monkey boots a few years ago and they’ve lasted me a long time. They’re very comfortable and they dress up any ol’ pair of jeans.

Now onto the trendy teacher…

casey and BridgetOh Case, you use that word “trendy” far too loosely… but thank you. I have a little sister who is VERY fashionable and keeps me in-the-know when it comes to any and all things fashion. Without her shopping guidance, I’m a total lost cause (aka I bought my backwards dress while shopping without her….).

feetJust like Casey, I’m all about the casual, layered look for fall. I’m a big fan of blazers, big scarves, and simple accessories, like a bold watch. Thankfully, I snagged my sister to go shopping with me to step outside my boring fashion boundaries & pick out these beige heeled anklet boots this season. I love them because they match with just about anything & are so versatile. Fall dress, cuffed ripped jeans, skinny jeans- these anklets work with almost any outfit AND are so comfortable!! Rounding out my style… a hint of anything with STRIPES! If you couldn’t tell by my decor style or house tour, I’m pretty obsessed with stripes. So this super cheap bag adds a much-needed pop of my favorite design while also adding some much-needed function.

So there’s our attempt at a successful “fashion” post. If we’re ever gonna chat about fashion…our favorite season of the year seems fitting! Now let’s all enjoy these brisk fall days in style…


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