Favorite Gift Ideas for Him from our Hubbies

If you’re anything like us, buying the perfect gift for those husbands of ours is never easy! It’s not that they’re picky (not at all actually), but we always want to make sure we choose something that they’ll get a lot of use out of over the entire year.

Heck if we’ve learned anything about the types of gifts that our husbands love, it’s the fact that their all-time favorite gifts are ones that they can USE ….A LOT! Since we needed a few ideas for them and figured you may need some ideas for the important men in your life too, we invited Matt & Finn to share some of their most used and ultimate favorite items from 2016. Hopefully these ideas will help inspire you (and us!!) to find a gift for all the important men in our lives!

So without further ado, here’s a double dose of gift ideas from Finn and Matt. Take it away gentlemen!

Finn’s Favoritesfinns_favorite_things_2016-19-pm

1 Tie & Tie Clip Set // 2. Blazer // 3. Watch 
4. Travel Bag // 5. Boots // 6. No Show Socks
7. Kiehls Men’s Grooming Products // 8. Fleece // 9. Jeans

  1. My favorite place for ties, belts, and tie clips: The Tie Bar is a great affordable way for men to expand their wardrobe and accessories. Plus fun and trendy ties for $19 each? SIGN ME UP! I am a huge proponent of tie bars themselves as it makes any man appear a touch more classy and really cleans up a look. mike-finn-blazer
  2. Blazer: I just got this blazer at Express and it was a great addition to the wardrobe. In general these are ideal for any occasion and come in a tailored, slim fit and are 50% off right now! They also have subtle fashion accents like flip out pocket squares and colored lining – allowing you to branch out with no decision to be made!
  3. Watch: Now I don’t personally have this watch, but it’s a big wink-wink to that wife of mine that this is on my wish list. Having a variety of watches is another great way to add some creativity to the outfit and personally I enjoy buying cheap ones just as much as expensive ones to complete the collection.
  4. Travel Bag: This bag is a great price, great color, and it’s the perfect size. It is ideal for 2-3 night adventures and also comes with an isolated pocket to help keep things organized. It can fit a few pairs of shoes and multiple wardrobes or just a simple change of clothes and toiletries.
  5. Boots: Chicago is wet! Need some rain proof boots that you can wear in the snow. I have learned this the hard way time and time again and I finally bought some protective boots and every morning and night I am thankful.
  6. No Show Socks: I have been wearing no-show socks for a long time (Usually stealing Casey’s little socks and using them) but when I would take my shoes off everyone would laugh at me because they would look like ballerina slippers. (My confidence never wavered.) After a few minutes most would ask what they were and how I got them and next time I saw them – boom they had some version of no-shows! However the fashion world has caught up with me and now makes great styled men’s no-show socks that are not embarrassing to show others.Casey Finn
  7. Grooming Essentials: I have learned recently that as we get older it is important we take care of our skin and grooming. (Somewhere my mom is just laughing at that statement thinking about how it was a struggle to get me to put pants on until I was 5…Love you Mom!) However moisturizing and cleaning is crucial, and many men are also into beards these days. Sadly I lack the genetics to produce a lush fun beard, so I am stuck keeping things neat.  However these products protect my baby face from the toughness of shaving. I recommend a sampler kit to start and see what products fit your style.
  8. Fleece: Yet another fashion trend I have stolen from my brothers (shoes, beards, shades, etc.), these are warm and work with any outfit. I generally get very warm very fast in heavier coats and I love these on those nice sunny winter days when you want to stay bundled.
  9. Jeans: I have never bought nice jeans before, but it is worth it when you wear them hundreds of times. These are so soft and I love the range of colors. I know they’re a little pricey (Casey even mentioned that she doesn’t have jeans this nice…), but they’re just that good!

Matt’s Favorites


1 W Flag (Go Cubs!) // 2. Slim Fit Jeans // 3. TOMS //
4. Wireless Mini Speaker //  5. Born to Run Book // 6. Ray Bans //
7. Yoga Mat // 8. Polka Dot Tie // 9. Glass Food Containers // 10. Slim Fit Slacks

  1. W Flag: 2016 has been a very special year for my beloved Cubbies. The decision was made to bring a new addition to our family…the W flag. Similar to Linus and his Blankie, I have grown quite attached to my “W.”chicago_bridget_fashion_fall-cubs-flags
  2. Slim Fit Jeans: If there is one thing I have little patience for, it’s jeans shopping. However, these babies had my heart from the start. I’m trying to rid myself of the baggy, and embrace the slim fit!xmas-insta
  3. TOMS: These have quickly become a staple in my repertoire. Whether it was attending a summer BBQ, or heading out to the Apple Orchard, these shoes were always part of the party. The perfect combination of comfort and style.
  4. Wireless Mini Speaker: There is nothing I love more than listening to podcasts when fixing up some dinner. The JBL Wireless Speaker makes sure that Pro Wrestling Podcasts are permeating throughout Casa de Matkovich on the daily!
  5. Born to Run Book: “Born To Run”- In the Mount Rushmore of interests, Springsteen is my George Washington. So you’re telling me that this book really offers a firsthand account of The Boss’s life in Asbury Park and beyond? I’m all ears (or eyes in this case).Matt_finn
  6. Ray Bans: You know that saying, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone?” Well, that was all too real this year when my sunglasses were mysteriously misplaced for a few months. When they reappeared in my mother-in-law’s car, I promised I would never take these for granted again.
  7. Yoga Mat: Lately, I’ve been dabbling in some core workouts. This Yoga Mat has been KEY throughout the process.
  8. Polka Dot Tie: Who doesn’t love polka dots? You walk into a room with your head held high, donning a tie sprinkled with polka dots, you’re the poster child of “good time all the time!”
  9. Glass Food ContainersSunday afternoons have turned into the perfect time to prep food for the week. These glass Food Storage Containers let me bring some of my favorite dishes to work every day. Bridget has mastered the art of flooding my culinary abilities with compliments. Am I that good of a cook? Absolutely not. Do these compliments keep me going back to the kitchen? Absolutely. The method to her madness.
  10. Slim Fit Slacks: These dress pants (Express’ Slim Fit Photographers) are a part of my weekly rotation. Whether it is the Grey, Black, or Blue, they will definitely play a lot of innings over the school year!


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