Our Favorites from the Fall Target Collection

We all know about the mystery of Target. You go in with 1 thing on your to-buy list, and you somehow leave an hour later spending no less than $100. How does that ALWAYS happen? It’s the Target mystery.

If you’re anything like us, then you cannot help but check out the home decor section every time you go to the store. It doesn’t matter if we just came to get a bottle of shampoo, we are beelining it over to the home section no matter what.  And lately, we’ve been lingering in this section a bit longer than usual because it’s just so good. I mean have you seen some of their new pieces for fall? Amazing.

Today we rounded up some pieces we have our eye one, and some that we’ve actually already purchased!

Our Favorites from Target’s Home Aisles

fall-favorites-target-mood-board-05-am1. Tripod Floor Lamp: This gorgeous brass lamp is less than $100 and would add just the right amount of glam to any living room. Yes, please.

2. Plant Stand: We’ve purchased some of our past planters from West Elm, but this one is much more budget-friendly. Love the sleek look of this one.

3. Agate Shadow Box and 4. Black & White Abstract: Target’s art & frame area has never truly blown us away. It’s always been kinda generic art that we’ve never been inclined to add to our own homes. Well that changed this fall! Their pieces are just so good, and the prices are spot on too.

5. White Ceramic Vase: You can never have enough pretty vases, and the texture on this one is a nice detail.

6. Marble & Gold Console Table: A little too glam for either of our current homes, but this table is just so good. We picture it in a front entryway to hold a dish for keys and maybe with a large mirror right over it? Swoon.

7. Herringbone Pillow: The tassels on this are just so good, and the tribal print keeps the gray color from looking boring. bridget-home-tour-wide-shots-family-room-flower-vase

8. Brass Handles Vase: Bridget scored this vase on major clearance, but even at full price (around $20) it isn’t that bad! A great decor piece for the fall season.

9. Lumbar Pillow: Obviously we’re big fans of this large lumbar pillow since we used it in our Lowe’s Home Makeover. The black and white is timeless, and the print keeps in on-trend.


Other Favorites

Brass Mirror: This mirror will forever be a favorite of ours. At $45, you just can’t find a nicer brass mirror out there. Bridget has this mirror above her bed, and we used it over the little bench in the Lowe’s home makeover. So many ways to use this budget-friendly mirror in your home. lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-bench-mirrorlowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-mirror-round

You’re the Best MugThis mug is adorable and it’s just one of the MANY gorgeous mugs at Target right now. If our coffee mug collection wasn’t already busting at the seams, we would definitely be adding a few of these to our collection.

target-fall-line-5And if we needed coffee mugs, we would totally buy a set of these simple two toned, white mugs (which are currently on clearance)….


Marbled Vases: How fun are these marbled vases? They totally remind us of something Emily Henderson would have in her house, which is probably why we love them so much! target-fall-line

Sleek Gold Frames: What’s not to love about a West Elm look with a Target price tag?! #yespleasetarget-fall-line-2Marble Tray: These marble trays were on clearance and were VERY, VERY tempting! And those wood + gold kitchen utensils right there didn’t make walking away from all of these gorgeous treasures any easier! target-fall-line-4

Table Clock: You simply can’t go wrong with a marble and brass combo, and it’s only $17. This may be a new addition to Casey’s guest bedroom…

table-clock-targetImage via Target

So please tell us we’re not alone when it comes to shopping at Target? Anyone else find themselves sucked into the home decor aisle even though you know you probably really don’t need to buy anything? Crazy how that works. Target does it again.


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