February 2015 Recap + Personal Updates

Because February is such a short month, we just knew it was going to fly by. And boy were we right! We can hardly believe tomorrow is March and spring is right around the corner! Okay maybe “right around the corner” is a little ambitious for us Chicagoans. We’re just looking forward to the gray slush and dirty snow melting, and for the temps to be consistently above 30 degrees. That’s not asking for too much, am I right?

Anyways, we’re here to round up all of the fun we’ve had both on the blog and in our everyday lives during February 2015. DIY-Valentine-Project

At the beginning of the month, we had the privilege to lead a crafting workshop at a local Teen center. We ended up making our scrabble tile coasters, and it was a big hit with the teenagers. Now I (Casey) am no good at talking to kids, so I was a little freaked out going into it. But it ended up being fun and we bonded with the teen girls over our mutual love for T-Swift. Man, did I feel hip.

We started off February with a few Valentine’s Day posts…

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kitchenPlus, we tackled a wide variety of projects. The biggest being Bridget’s new tile backsplash in her kitchen. Isn’t it just gorgeous? And I think she gets extra credit for completing one of the first big “real” DIY projects here on the blog.

Tile Plans
How to Accessorize a Bar Cart
Special Master Bedroom Art
Kitchen Tile Reveal
What Bridget Learned from DIY’ing backsplash
What’s the deal with Euro Shams
New gray, tufted bench for B’s Master Bedroom
Fabric Stair Gate VIDEO
Casey’s New Bedding
Bridget’s New Bedding & her Bedroom Source List
Our modern & music-inspired gameplan for Ryan’s entryway

Here’s what we were up to outside of the blog in February…

Casey: Finn & I decided to have a “Frugal February” where we attempted to save as much money as possible. I was a little worried going into the month, but we ended up saving a lot of money. Like I’m talking enough money to pay for our 10 day honeymoon that we’re taking in April! We dined in, used up some gift cards, watched our unnecessary purchases, and took a good hard look at where our money goes each month. I’m not saying it was easy, but it was definitely a good experience and I learned a lot about my spending habits!

In other news in the Finn household, that new husband of mine tore a ligament in his foot playing basketball. The poor guy is in an air cast for the next month or so. He’s hoping it feels better in time for our April honeymoon. So send your good thoughts and prayers his way for a speedy recovery!


For such a short month, February was CRAZY busy for me! My dad and I tackled some more Weekend Warrior DIY projects around our house. I’m super excited for the upgrades and (like always) had such a blast working with my dad and learning new DIY skills from him. These projects will be appearing here on the DIY Playbook this month — so stay tuned!!

And the most exciting thing that happened this month is that my baby sister bought a place in downtown Chicago! Our whole family is beyond excited for her, and selfishly, I’m EXTRA ecstatic because Maggie’s new pad is literally a half a block away from CASEY!!!!!!!  Can the stars align any more perfectly? My baby sister + My BFF = Neighbors. #BESTNEWSEVER

What an eventful month it’s been around here. We are both looking forward to March and can’t wait for what’s to come. But until then, let’s focus on getting rid of this gosh darn winter! Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!