Fresh Woven Rugs

I was never a rug-in-the-kitchen-kind-of-girl. My mom never used a rug in the kitchen, my grandma never had rugs in her kitchen, so naturally… why would I? I never really thought about it, until I stumbled upon a long kitchen runner that begged me to take her home.
Since I’m a sucker for stripes, I did just that. I lugged this striped runner home & laid her right in front of my kitchen. And I hate to say it mom, but I am now officially a rug-in-the-kitchen-kind-of-girl. I may not be a cook-in-the-kitchen-kind-of-girl…. but doggone it, rugs I can do!
I have A LOT of dark everything going on in my kitchen and not a whole lot of texture or pattern to work with, so a runner on the floor is the perfect way for me to break up the brown wood everywhere kind of feel.
The downside of rugs in the kitchen? Stains.
Yup, being in a high-traffic area, conveniently placed right under the dishwasher… spots happen. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but allow me to highlight some of our noteworthy spills.

Not cool.

Rookie Tip: If you’re going to join Team rug-in-the-kitchen, be prepared to get a little messy! The most important part is to accept the stains as part of the territory and not worry about it. I spent about $20 on this rug and it has lasted me a whole year of wear and tear…  $20 for an entire year is a pretty awesome return on this investment & makes me far less attached to this rug and far more understanding when a little red sauce flies out of the sink and onto the rug… to stay.

But now that our runner has seen better days and has made us proud for over 365 wonderful days, we are okay to retire the stripes and move onto something a little more… well, clean. Plus, we just happened to stumble upon an amazing collection of AFFORDABLE runners at HomeGoods and couldn’t resist the new woven rug.
$19.99 fit perfectly into our budget. Plus, we love the woven look… it just seems to “flow” better in the space.
Just so much more natural.

So yes, I am still a rug-in-the-kitchen-kind-of-girl and am digging my new runner thanks to HomeGoods! And the best part?

The fun doesn’t stop there!

HomeGoods hooked it up with another fabulous (and AFFORDABLE) rug.

Our entryway has seen some serious wear & tear throughout this brutal Chicago winter. One old gross rug, somehow multiplied into 2 mismatched rugs that looked even worse than the original problem spot. Rule of thumb: 2 wrongs still do not make a right, even when it’s cold & wet outside.

Again, this affordable woven rug was the subtle change that would add a clean, fresh and functional pop to our entryway.

It’s a little longer than the original doormat sized rug that was there, however, I love that it peeks out from behind the half-wall. Just like in the kitchen, this rug adds some serious texture and makes the whole space feel more “finished”.

Simple changes that make a big difference – amazing. Simple changes that make a big difference on a budget – the BEST.

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