Going overboard for a Port Hole Mirror

If you follow the DIY Playbook on Instagram, you saw this picture I posted a few weeks ago.
Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
This FREE treasure was abandoned by its previous owner and left for garbage. But when I laid my eyes on this nautical inspired port-hole mirror that was headed for the trash, I was head over heels in love. I knew I needed to save it from its uncertain future.
Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook

1. First and foremost, I love the nautical feel of this mirror. You know the DIY Playbook can’t say no to nautical and this port hole inspired mirror was no different.

2. I love the “domed” mirror look. It’s different. It’s unique. And its reflection looks completely different than a regular mirror. The convex curve reflects the entire room…not just what’s directly in front of it.

3. I love that this mirror was made in the 1950’s. (this is engraved on the back). Thinking back on the eventful life that this mirror has had so far is fascinating. How many homes has it been in? Where did it come from? Where was it hanging before?

4. I love that the convex mirror was FREE! Through a little internet research, I saw a very similar mirror selling on etsy for over $60! #score

Port Hole Mirror : Remove the Eagle | DIY Playbook

5. I don’t love the eagle. It’s not that it’s not fabulously federal and completely patriotic, but it just isn’t the look I’m going for.

Port Hole Mirror: Get the Shine | DIY Playbook
Remove the decorations: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook

With a screw driver, a hammer, and a little coaxing…the eagle was gone.

Remove the nails: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook

There were a few nails that were left, but with a little more coaxing, the nails were history… literally.

Patch holes: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
How amazing is this port hole mirror now? Swoooooning…..
Cover the mirror: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook

With a little a lot of painter’s tape…

Apply a lot of tape: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
Spray Paint: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
… and two coats of some sterling silver spray paint, my trash to treasure $7 makeover was complete! Allow me to introduce the convex mirror that has officially stolen my heart.
Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
But now for the best part:
Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
Adding this port-hole mirror to our home!
Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
My new mirror is everything I had hoped it would be and more. And the best part?
before and after: Port Hole Mirror | DIY Playbook
This entire thing cost me around seven bucks. Woo woo! So next time you come across a mirror with a huge eagle on it or any other random piece of trash, remember that old saying.. “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Because in cases of DIY, you can paint, re-paint, rewrite, tear out pages, sketch or add a trendy bookmark to make that book exactly what you were looking for.


Any trash to treasures in progress out there? Spill your beans!!

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