Gold Dipped Glitter Feathers

We know we’ve been on a gold kick lately (as seen here and here!), but can you blame us? Gold is sooo trendy right now! And when it comes to hopping on a trend, why not try it out when there isn’t much of a commitment? We’re not saying go out and buy a gold chair, paint your walls gold, or get a gold bedspread…but maybe you could do a fun little 5-minute gold craft with us!

And did we mention that this lil’ craft is perfect for an upcoming holiday?

These gold dipped glitter feathers are a fun DIY to make some flashy decor

These glittery/gold/fabulous feathers could add some serious sparkle to your Valentine’s day decor and we’re going to show you how to make them in less than 5 minutes.

Gold glitter and metallic copper paint are what you need to make these glitter feathers
Here’s what you’ll need…
-Gold glitter
-Gold craft paint
-Clear Lacquer Spray
Paint the top tip of the feathers with the gold metallic paint
After you gather your supplies, you’ll simply paint the top portion of a feather and then immediately sprinkle some gold glitter onto the wet paint. Complete all your feathers, let them dry, and then spray on a thin coat of clear lacquer. The clear spray paint will help “hold” in those sparkles so they don’t end up all over your home. So be sure to seal in those sparkles or you may have a mess on your hands…
While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the glitter on to the tip of the feathers
Boom…you’ve officially hopped on the gold and glitter bandwagon. See that wasn’t so bad!
Gold glitter feathers are a simple sparkly DIY that can add a fun touch to your decor
Cluster the glitter flowers together for some sparkly table decor
Whether they’re styled in a v-day themed vignette, clustered together in a small vase, packaged with your Valentine’s Day gift (as seen yesterday!), or simply laying atop your favorite romantic novel…these fluffy feathers are a must for February 14th.
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