Adding Large Frames Over a Couch

Spoiler Alert: I’m slowly ditching the nautical around our home… partly because it’s FALL and the coral above the couch doesn’t feel very “fall” to me, and partly because I think it’s time to slowly step away from that style altogether.

I made the decision that I needed change it a few months ago, but had such a hard time figuring out what could go up in its place. I looked everywhere and the replacements that I found were either…

A) Way too expensive
B) Not the right size/colors/style/etc.

familyroom Bridget coral

So after I gave up on shopping, I went back to the drawing board to think about other alternatives that could do the trick. That’s when I saw this post and was totally inspired to replace these oversized coral frames with some of my own photography.

Easy & attainable — Check!
Sentimental — Check!
I had control over the style/color/size/etc — CHECK!

I took these photos on a Saturday, ordered them from SnapBox on a Saturday night, they showed up FRAMED on my doorstep on a Wednesday afternoon and I had new, meaningful art that I LOVED hanging above our couch by the next weekend. That’s my kind of turnaround, and check out how much of a difference these new frames make…

Large Picture Frames Over a Couch

Fall Home Tour Family RoomI’m in LOVE and can’t wait to share the whole fall home tour on Thursday. For now though, let’s chat about how easy (& fun!) these pics were to translate into home decor.

After I decided to take the SnapBox route, Matt and I planned a day trip out to our wedding venue. We picked this spot because the grounds are GORGEOUS (especially this time of year) and this place is obviously sentimental to us. We packed some coffee, my camera, and headed out for a fun day together!

The adventure didn’t disappoint! We had so much fun walking around, snapping photos and taking a walk down “memory lane”.

Barn Danada HouseSince we were in no rush, it was extra fun to just relax and take in the scenery together.

Fall Horses Danada House

After we came home and looked at all of the photos from the day, I narrowed it down to a few that I thought could work. Then I consulted with Matt to see which ones he liked the most. He recommended that maybe we print them in black & white. <– GENIUS!! It’s like he’s married to a DIY blogger or something?!

Fall Barn Fance Danada HouseWe narrowed it down to two photos we thought would work best and uploaded them to SnapBox’s website. We then chose the frame color and frame size on their website and confirmed our order (both frames cost us less than $100!). <– Use PROMO code DIYPLAY30FUN for 30% off your next purchase.

Literally, four days later these gorgeous prints were framed and waiting on our doorstep when we came home from work! Such an easy process!! We took down the nautical-inspired coral frames & replaced them with these new prints. Not only do they feel more “fall”, but they were inexpensive too. AND possibly the biggest “win” of this entire project is that Matt LOVESSSS (and yes I mean LOVES!) the new look. #notalwaysthecase

Fall Home Tour Snapbox Family Room BridgetMaybe we’ll do this same thing for the winter, spring, and summer too… it definitely makes for a fun excuse to take a day trip together! For now, though, I’m pretty excited about these prints & grateful that a part of our love story made its way to such a prominent part of our home.


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