Goodwill Hunting

Many of my weekends are filled with Goodwill Hunting…

No, no…not that Goodwill Hunting. (even though Matt Damon is a total dreamboat)

This one.

Yep, on any given Saturday you’ll often find me visiting every single Goodwill store within a 15 mile radius.
I typically bypass all of the clothing, and head straight towards the back of the store to their “home” section.
I browse the furniture, the dishes, the trinkets and decorations. There is always a wonderful treasure to be found if you “hunt” long enough.
Recently I found a really big score at Goodwill. (Note: This was a Goodwill store way out in a very nice suburb of St. Louis.  My motto is…the nicer the neighborhood, the nicer the junk.)
Boy was I lucky on this trip.
Apparently, someone with fabulous taste (if I do say so myself)  recently decided to clean house. They generously donated these 2 goodies…
The grey knitted pouf is right on trend. I’m sure you’ve seen Moroccan poufs all over your favorite blogs and stores. They add comfort, cuteness, and extra seating to any living space. I’ve always wanted to scoop one up and toss it in my cart while shopping, but the price always deterred me from taking the plunge.
This particular one can be found at CB2 for $90.
I got it for $12. Bam. (Bargains bring out the Emeril in me)
It is currently hanging out in our family room just waiting for a nice little tush to sit on it.
I also spotted the khaki zebra rug from Target. That bad boy was a whopping $3. Bam.
I found it a nice home in our hallway, and I feel it is perfect for the space. All I did was buy a rug stopper so it doesn’t slip and slide on our floors.
It’s also machine washable, so I can toss that bad boy in the wash if anyone comes in with dirty on their shoes.
I really like the neutral (yet fun & quirky) pattern.
So moral of the story? Break out of your normal shopping habits, and hit up a thrift store/goodwill/salvation army.
You just never know what you’re gonna find on your hunt…