Groomsmen Gifts & a Free Printable

I’m getting married this weekend! AHHHH!!!
Yup, as the grand finale of one of my favorite times of the year, Matt and I are making it official as Mr. & Mrs. I plan to share all of our wedding details soon but wanted to give you a sneak peek into our big day with a little teaser. Here’s a little inside scoop on a part of our groomsmen gifts.
Groomsmen Gift Idea plus Free Adorable Printable
Socks! Because like the FREE PRINTABLE says, “we don’t want anyone to have cold feet, especially tomorrow”. Heck, maybe I should wear a pair too?!
Groomsmen Socks with cute Printable was our easy DIY groomsmen gift idea.  |DIY Playbook

Our groomsmen will wear one style, the groom will wear another and our dads will wear the last style.

"We don't want you to get cold feet tomorrow!" Groomsmen Free Printable | DIY Playbook

All we (and yes, I mean WE… Matt crafted in our honor of his favorite guys #hesakeeper) had to do to finish this little gift was:
1. buy the socks
2. print the free printable
3. cut the free printable
4. hole punch the tag
5. tie a ribbon around the packaging of the socks
6. Wrap ’em up!

All the socks in different patters for our Groomsmen Gift Idea: Cold Feet Printable | DIY Playbook
I mean seriously, how cute are these socks?
Super cute socks with equally cute Cold Feet Printable | DIY Playbook
My bridesmaids are wearing white and the gentlemen are wearing black and white, so I opted for plain white paper. I think this printable would work for any wedding with some creative paper and ribbon that fits your bridal party color scheme.
3 Different patterns of IZOD socks for our groomsmen. | DIY Playbook
This Groomsmen Gift Idea is Great for the big day - and an easy DIY for when you have enough to do! | DIY Playbook
I can’t wait to see all of our handsome gentlemen rocking warm feet and trendy socks, but more importantly, I can’t wait to dance all night long alongside my handsome groom and his adorable argyle socks.


What types of creative groomsmen gifts have you seen or loved?

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