How to Hang a Mirror on a Bookcase

I would really like to call this tutorial “How to hang art, a mirror, a wreath or any frame on the front of open shelves WITHOUT nails, screws or any permanent markings or damage”. I tried to cut it down the best that I could but there is just so much to say!!

Bottom line: There IS officially a way to hang amazing things, like a porthole mirror, on open bookcases withOUT one spot of permanent damage. I am definitely not claiming I’m the mastermind behind the genius life hack, but I’ve never heard it before & prior to this discovery, I couldn’t find a solution that doesn’t require drilling into my beloved shelves! Because of that, I felt the need to share and hopefully make my fellow rookies’ lives a tad easier, while allowing them the opportunity to fulfill those Pinterest dreams like I was able to finally do.

porthole mirrorAny guesses on how this bad boy is hanging… without any permanent screws, nails, or hooks?shelf

porthole mirrorThis porthole mirror is currently hanging on the front of my bookcases like you guys saw in our Christmas Home Tour. I love its new location and love that it shows our home through a different lens. I always knew I loved this look (like here) but knew I NEVER wanted to drill or nail into my shelves, so I pinned looks like this with no real plans of actually making it happen.

That was until the stars aligned and I was able to get that “exact” look without one single nail, screw or piece of permanent evidence on my shelves. What’s my secret?!

hooksWeighted Stocking Hooks and a wire across the back of our mirror… THAT’S all it TAKES!! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!stocking holder shelfAll I did was place the (plain- no design) weighted stocking hooks on the shelf as usual, but instead of placing stockings on them, I put a weight (aka a piece of heavy decor) on top of each and hung the mirror on them. If you don’t have a porthole mirror, I think other types of mirrors, frames, canvas art, or even a CHRISTMAS WREATH could look amazing too! It just gives the shelves more depth, more detail, and a punch of “unique-ness” without that dreaded layer of commitment.
back of mirrorOur OLD porthole mirror already had a hanging wire on the back, so all I did was fish that through the two hooks to evenly distribute the weight and it was hanging. About a month later, it is still hanging and hasn’t moved/wobbled at all. (PS. excuse the torn off paper… this gorgeous piece was headed to the trash before we rescued it!).
How to hang a mirror on a bookcase

Who knew it only took a stocking holder or two to solve a design dilemma I’ve been pondering for over a YEAR! For now, I’m SUPER happy with the porthole mirror hanging in front of the shelves, but hey… who knows what may take it’s place next. All I know is that those 2 stocking hooks will definitely not be packed away with the rest of the Christmas Decor. These two treasures will definitely be up ALL YEAR LONG. As far as I’m concerned, I’m officially naming them the Holiday MVP’s this year.stocking holder



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