How to Hang a Shelf

Learning how to hang a picture and then eventually learning how to hang shelves were probably some of the first projects we did that involved a drill and made us a feel just a bit less like DIY rookies. Before we started this blog, we had no clue how to use a drill and were pretty intimidated to even try. Little by little, we practiced how to hang pictures and shelves using a drill and anchors, and as dorky as it sounds, that practice made us feel a lot more comfortable with our tools.

Using a countersink drill bit for hanging shelves. And with more and more practice, we became a lot more confident to tackle some more challenging projects (like we did last week in Casey’s guest room).

Using a DeWalt drill to hang shelving. For new homeowners and rookies wanting to get in the DIY game, we highly recommend starting out by learning how to use a drill and hanging shelves. Not only do we think hanging shelves is a perfect place to start, we also think it’s a very practical skill for all homeowners/renters to eventually master.
Beautiful shelves with accessories need to be solidly hung. We tend to use these IKEA brackets & shelves pretty often. The brackets are only $7 (for a pair) and just by adding a small piece of stained/painted wood, you can create a custom shelf in your space for less than $15. Shelves in the kitchen need to be hung properly so they can hold heavy dishes. Between each of our places, Maggie’s condo, and helping a few friends, we figured out that we have hung these brackets 15 times!! Crazy, right? Since we’ve had our fair share of practice and our fair share of errors, we decided we would share a step-by-step tutorial (aka a rookie’s guide) for hanging a shelf.Hanging a shelf using a DeWalt drill. Securely hung shelves look great stacked with accessories. We’ve teamed up with Zillow and you can check out the tutorial here. The best part is that once you master these steps, you can use this exact technique for hanging just about any type of shelves. ANDDDDD once you start feeling more comfortable using a drill, the project possibilities are endless.Shelf decorating from before to after. No more waiting on your favorite “handyman” to tackle your next DIY project, you can do this! We promise…


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