Happy (Belated) Birthday Bridget!

I’ve got some not-so breaking news for ya. Last Sunday was Bridget’s birthday!
Birthday Girl
Bridget wanted her birthday to come and go quietly here on the blog…but there was no way I was going to let that happen.  A day to chat all about my best friend and favorite person? Ummm…yes please!  Sorry birthday girl, but you’re getting a mini birthday blog post today.  
Casey Bridget Dancing
I want to tell you guys a little bit about our friendship. Like many true friends, our relationship has steadily grown over the years. (Excuse me, while I make a corny analogy of our friendship = a plant)
Casey Bridget Turnabout
Back in 2002, when were just high school freshmen, our friendship was just a small little seedling. We may have gone to school with 3,600 people, but luckily our lockers were right by one another in the same hallway. I always thought Bridget was really “preppy & cool” She was an amazing athlete, and had so many friends in so many different groups. I admired how she was nice to absolutely every single person around her, and being around her made me want to be a better person.
Prom 2006
Casey Bridget Graduation 2006
At graduation we sat side by side (that’s what happens when you both have “O” last names), and by then we were good friends. We cheered one another on as we crossed the stage at graduation, and made promises to visit one another at college (we did!)
Casey and Bridget in St. Louis
Since college, our friendship has really grown and blossomed.  We haven’t lived in the same town, but Bridget has always made me feel like I’m not far from home.  She’s supported me through job changes and new cities.  
Outside of doorway
I’ve seen her grow into a wonderful teacher and mentor to her students.  I’ve seen her creativity and style evolve and take shape in her new home. And my personal favorite…I’ve witnessed her fall in love with her husband to be.
Rose of Sharon
So very much has happened over the course of our friendship, and I never want it to stop growing and evolving. So this year for her birthday, I decided to get her a plant, a Rose of Sharon shrub to be exact.  Yes, it may seem like an odd gift. But, as you well know Bridget is in the middle of a large landscape project and I figured this plant could somehow make its way into her new yard. A little symbol of “the rookies” right outside her home! 
Rose of Sharon Bushes
Hibiscus Flower
My mom actually has 2 of these plants in her backyard, and Bridget has been admiring them lately. They grow really big and have beautiful hibiscus blossoms all over them.
Rose of Sharon Bush
I’m hoping she will find a nice spot for this plant, and it will grow big and strong…just as our friendship will.
Girls jumping in leaves
So happy birthday to my best friend and blogging buddy. It’s gonna be a great year girl!
Casey DIY Playbook
Now the pressure is on for Bridget to keep this plant alive (if the plant dies, does our friendship die too? That would not be good.)