Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
I feel like so many people have a love/hate relationship with this October holiday. Personally, I am a big fan of this day. Dressing up…eating candy…carving pumpkins…heck yes, bring it on! The only thing I’m not into…the scary stuff. (Seriously…I can’t even watch movie previews for horror films. I’m a big ol’ scaredy cat!)

Today we decided to take a trip down memory lane and show you some of our fav (or not so fav) Halloween costumes over the years. A little blast to the past if you will…
Casey Angel Costume
Here I’m a little angel. Funny thing is I was faaaaar from an angel at that age. More like devilish behavior for this little toddler…
Casey and Dad Halloween

Here I am with my Halloween buddy (my dad). Halloween was OUR holiday. I would run home from school to go trick or treating with my dad, and my dog Jingles. My dad was usually some scary monster (like in this picture) and I typically went for a more glam look (bring on the pom poms!) I wish it was normal for adults to go trick or treating. If it was, I would call my dad up right now and we would hit the streets lookin’ for candy!

And here’s Bridget as a little one. She rocked this pumpkin number for a good three years. As she grew older, she created a way to make the pumpkin grow as well. Her and her mom would stuff wads of newspaper under the costume to get the “full” effect. (Pun definitely intended). You can see her DIY skills emerging even as a child.  
After Bridget graduated from the traditional pumpkin, she moved on to the next Halloween staple- a witch. Here’s her posing next to one of her mom’s old Halloween decorations… ironically another witch. I still haven’t decided which one is scarier, I mean cuter. 
Now lookee here…the rookies all dressed up in high school. Bridget as a dinosaur and Casey as an 80’s chick. Who else can rock a green dino costume like B? Girl’s got swag.
On that note, we hope that the scariest thing you see all day is that dino/80’s combo. We wish you all a not-so-scary day full of no tricks and lots of treats. Until tomorrow, calories don’t count.