Holi-DIY Card Exchange

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season- snail mail. Yup, those fabulous holiday cards filled with a collage of family photos, annual updates on old friends and Christmas well wishes. Who doesn’t get excited to check the mailbox every afternoon in December?
Well… if you love holiday snail mail as much as we do, we have just the opportunity for you! We’re honored to be teamed up with the pretty ladies at Happiness is Homemade, Eat Drink Eat, and Craftbaby to bring you the chance to get even more glamorous snail mail throughout the month of December.
This is how it works- sign up, receive a list of 15 fellow blog-lovers via email, send 15 envelopes full of holiday cheer, and wait by your mailbox for a flood of love.
What do you say…Do you want to join our Holi-D.I.Y Team?
 Meet the captains – HeidiKelley and Liz & Candie.

Holi-D.I.Y. Card Exchange Details

The exchange is open to anyone (U.S. only, sorry!).  Having a blog is not required.

If you’d like to send out some holiday cheer to fellow DIY-ers across the country and receive the same amount of snail mail back,  follow this link.  Note: your address will be shared with the fellow participants but will NOT be posted on any of the blogs publicly! 

Even though this swap has “D.I.Y.” in the title, you do not need to create your cards. Any kind of happy mail is welcome here!

If you sell something (any Etsy shop sellers in the hiz-ouse?), feel free to share a business card, coupon code, or your shop information in your envelope – if you’re anything like us, we need some holiday gift ideas!

Sign-up ends Saturday, November 30th.  We will email you a list of who you will be sending and receiving from December 1st on.

All cards must be sent by Monday, December 9th. < – – all these deadlines, you would think one of us is a teacher or something?!

Signing up for this exchange means you know that postage costs money and you agree to mail a MAXIMUM of 15 cards. (we’ll cap each list @ 15… hel-lo holiday budget)

Please share this exchange with your friends, because let’s be real…. who doesn’t love holiday mail, especially from creative peeps around the country?

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter… be sure to tag your mail using the hashtag: #holidiy

Fellow rookies…. are you on board or what? If you want to make someone’s December a bit brighter with a little snail mail and receive some extra holiday cheer in the mean time…… Sign up here!!

PS. Here’s a #holi-diy banner to spread the word. 


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