How to Pick the Perfect Front Door Color

Painting our front door has always been on my to-do list. Since the day we moved in, I knew I wanted a colorful front door that was bold, unique and set our home apart from the rest on the block. Unfortunately, a year and a half later, the door was still on the to-do list & still white.

Bridget's front door- before

Not that I didn’t appreciate white or don’t love a crisp, white door… I just knew I wanted a pop of color! What pop of color should it be exactly? That’s where I was stuck! Some days I wanted yellow, some days I wanted navy, I even tossed a few shades of gray into the mix at one point or another.

The problem wasn’t necessarily getting the door painted, but more so picking a front door paint color to make it happen (all with the approval of my darlin’ hubby that wasn’t always sold on a bright door, or any colored door for that matter).

What Color?

What color to choose to replace the white door?

The more I researched stalked the blogosphere, the more I was able to eventually identify my philosophy on colored doors, which gradually gave me the confidence to pick a color & check this job off the to-do list once and for all.

How to Pick a Front Door Paint Color
How to choose the perfect front door paint color. From navy, to yellow, to aqua here are our favorites!

Thanks to a post from one of one of my all-time fav bloggers, Dana from House*Tweaking, I agreed that a colored door should give the neighborhood a little hint of what they would find in your home. The door selection should be an extension of the “flavor” of your home. Dana was so right! How did I not think of that before?! And just like that, my decision was made.

I love a yellow door… but yellow isn’t necessarily the “feel” of my home.

I love a navy door… but was navy the overwhelming color in my home? Hmm… not exactly.

Looking Inside to Find My Home’s Style

A blue-ish/teal-ish door… well, I had never really thought about that before, but wow… how spot-on to my home’s “style”. So just like that… blue it was! Blue was the color that would give that sweet lady walking her dog each morning a peek into what our home was all about.

First coat of Benjamin Moore's Covington Blue wasn't quite enough

I chose Benjamin Moore’s Covington Blue to be exact. The door required TWO coats of paint over two days.

It didn't cover quite evenly

Clearly, one coat just didn’t cover evenly.

So happy with the outcome!
We loved the color so much, we brought it inside too

But because we loved our Covington Blue so much, we didn’t stop there.
We painted the inside too!

After- so in love with this new color

We love, love, love the new color it brings to our space and think that it flows perfectly with our blue accents. Yes, the door is a little bold & outside of our comfort zone, but we could not be more excited about the change! 

Other Changes

Since finishing this post, we have changed a lot on the exterior of our house!

We updated the door handles as well
Updated front with new door color, knobs and window boxes
Choosing a front door paint color like this Covington Blue.

We added DIY window flower boxes, we upgraded the hardware on our exterior doors, we DIY-ed a modern address sign out of free paint sticks — to name a few! And although it’s been almost 4 years since writing this post and painting the door, we STILL love it so much. It really does add so much personality and such a pop of color inside!


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