Hunting for New Pillows

I have a slight pillow addiction. If I see one I love (that is reasonably priced) I typically scoop it up, even if I have no home for it.  My man is not exactly a fan of this pillow addiction. He always makes some sort of remark when we have to take the dozens of pillows off of our bed each night. Oops. Some women buy shoes…I buy pillows! At least they’re more comfortable…

Orange and red family room

Remember our family room setup in St. Louis? I loved all of the reds and oranges we had going on in there.  The pillows really popped against the white couch and added the perfect amount of color.

But with our new Chicago pad, I’m looking to skew more towards the cool side.  Think grays, blues, and greens instead of the reds and oranges.

Colored pillows

To start my big pillow purge, I first plopped all of them onto our couch. I wanted to see what would work in the space, and which ones I would have to secretly hide in our storage unit donate to Goodwill.

Family room pillows

Seeing all of the pillows on the couch made it very clear what would stay and what would go. Any pillows that worked with the painting over our couch made the cut, while the others were permanently benched.

One good thing about the big pillow purge is that many of my pillows have inserts and I simply zipped off the covers.  So now I have half a dozen pillow inserts and no covers. Which means I’m on the pillow cover hunt.

My New Pillow Favorites
I recently discovered an amazing Etsy shop for pillow covers…Festive Home Decor. They have a huge selection of throw pillow covers and the best part is you can choose any size you want.  I’m seriously in love. The only bad part is I can’t really figure out which pillows to actually purchase!
Until I make up my mind and take the “purchase plunge” I have these placeholders hanging out on our couch. The reds & oranges have been donated to my sister-in-law (so sad, but at least they have a happy home!) and these grays and blues are hanging out waiting to be upgraded.
Hopefully soon I’ll be back with an official couch “after” pic.
Casey DIY Playbook
Which throw pillows are your favorite? Where do you shop to find the perfect pillow? 

The Year of Casey

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