Inside Our Organized Laundry Room Cabinets

The laundry room is now back in working condition. I previously dished about the makeover and the gallery wall details but never gave you a peek into what was inside these newly white cabinets that make up this organized laundry room!

How to make organized laundry room cabinets
So today, I’m doing just that — opening the cabinets to give you a look at how I organize my laundry room essentials.

My Organized Laundry Room Cabinets

Organized laundry room cabinets
Ta-daaaaaaa. My super simple, very white & pretty boring laundry room cabinets. Before I dive into the details, allow me to clarify a few of my organization philosophies.
  • You can never have too many bins, boxes or containers.
  • In order to stay organized, every single item (literally everything) must have a specific place to call “home”
  • Bins, boxes, and containers offer those places – utilize them as often as possible.
  • Labels are important but don’t necessarily have to be perfect… just informative and clear. Cute doesn’t hurt
  • When your organized area is “pretty”, it’s much easier to stay organized. So don’t feel guilty about making it a little extra “pretty”.
Tips to organize your laundry room cabinets
Like I said, everything has to have a specific place to call home in order to stay organized. I use these super old locker bins my dad gave me from his old “shop” to hold extra towels. Below that shelf, I keep my stock of paper products.
Use bins to corral extra towels
Label boxes for organized laundry room
I utilize these boxes from IKEA quite a bit because they are affordable, come in a variety of sizes and they’re white. I do have to confess that I absolutely hate building them but suck it up in the name of staying organized.
Organized laundry room cabinets
The labels are made from scrapbook paper and a marker. Not super professional, but heck… gets the job done and adds a little bit of “pretty”. The bin below is also from IKEA. I like this one because I can see what is in it, which is helpful for rags that need to be accessed frequently without a fuss.

Corral All the Loose Change

Use a tray in your organized laundry room cabinets to hold loose change
One of my favorite, and most functional, parts of these cabinets is this IKEA tray that was like $3. Although it has a little price tag, it has a big responsibility in keeping things organized around here. Like I mentioned before, everything needs a home in order to stay organized (at least in our house).

While you’re doing the wash, if you’re anything like me… you stumble upon some generous tips from your family members. If you don’t have a place for these tips (other than your own pocket, of course), it’s harder to keep the space organized. By having a place to quickly put these items, it’s much easier for me to stay organized- especially in a hurry.

Use a tray in your organized laundry room cabinets to hold loose change

My clients have been pretty generous this month!

Tips for organized laundry room cabinets and a gallery wall
And remember the gallery wall we chatted about a few weeks ago?
A basket for extra socks in the laundry room
Well, I wanted to show it in action. I seriously use the hook & the single sock bin all.the.time.
Basket for extra socks in the laundry room
Gallery wall in an organized laundry room

As for the soaps and laundry must-haves? I keep those in this “wash” basket from HomeGoods with my dryer sheets in the silver box below the clothespin jar. I find that with the jugs close and easy to access, it’s less of a hassle to get to work on a new load.

Regardless of what I’m organizing, I try to give everything a SPECIFIC home. When everything has a specific home (or holding place), it’s a safer bet that I’ll continue to be organized. So bring on the bins, baskets, crates, boxes… I can always use ’em for my organized laundry room.