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Valentine’s day is only a few days away, and we thought this would be a good time to share some of the items we heart these days. Because it’s frugal February, we both haven’t really added many new things into our homes since the holidays. So some of the items below that we l-o-v-e are staples that we’ve used & adored for months! We also included a few things that we each received as gifts during the holidays.

Conversation-Hearts-Candy-Bowl-handsAs for the items we’re crushin’ on….let’s just say we may be adding a few of these to our shopping list come March 1st!

Items we love

  • Vera Bradley Studded Clutch (Casey): Yes…that trendy black clutch is from Vera Bradley? Shocking, right?! Way back in high school, we too fell victim to the flower pattern bags from VB. We both seriously had soooo many darn pieces of Vera Bradley…from makeup bags, to overnight bags, even purses, and pencil cases. Yes, it was a bit overkill. But these days Vera Bradley has a new, cooler, edgier look….like this awesome purse. It’s the perfect size for a night out and can hold my wallet, phone, keys, and makeup with ease.
  • Gold Bar Necklace (Bridget): I received this bar necklace for Christmas and I honestly don’t think I have taken it off since (thanks Mags!). I love the simplicity and versatility of the necklace. I wear it to work, ‘out’ on the weekends, and even with my favorite tees… I swear this necklace matches with everything.

boots winter

  • Sperry Boots (Casey): After eyeing Bridget’s for quite some time, I finally added some black Sperry boots to my shoe collection and I am so happy I did. My mom got me these for Christmas and I’ve worn them just about every day since. They’re perfect for winter here in Chicago, but they’re cute enough to wear around and not feel like you have big ass snow boots clunking around on your feet. If you live in cold weather, seriously add these to your wishlist.
  • Anniversary Book (Casey): My dad got this for Finn & I for Christmas and it is so special. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your husband, this might be it! It’s a journal that you fill out once a year on your anniversary. Inside there’s a page to tape a picture from that year, a few pages of questions (memorable moments, favorite restaurants from that year, etc.), and there’s even a little envelope for cards or ticket stubs from the past year of marriage. A very cool gift, especially if you start with year one and continue forever!Coffee Lipstick Bridget
  • Grey Sweater (Bridget): I bought this super cozy turtleneck sweater on sale from Banana Republic a few weeks after Christmas and am so glad I did. To be perfectly honest, I’m not usually a turtleneck girl… I think this may be the only one in my wardrobe at the moment, but there’s something about this oversized turtleneck and warm material that sold me on it. This is another versatile piece that I wear both to work and on the weekends. Plus, I always feel like things from Banana are pretty good quality so I think it’s safe to say this winter staple will be around awhile.
  • Bold Lipstick (Bridget): I only started wearing anything on my lips a few months ago. Before that, I literally neverrrrrr wore any type of lipstick, chap-stick, lip balm — nothing. Casey encouraged me to put a little color on my lips last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Since I’m a total lipstick rookie, I have no clue if this is the “best kind” and quite honestly I don’t really care. This wet ‘n wild lipstick stays on for HOURS, comes in such a wide variety of colors and is like $2. <– like literally, $1.97.pineapple
  • White Ceramic Pineapple (Bridget): Holy Moley, I had no idea what a fan favorite this piece would be when I picked it up from HomeGoods a few months ago. Heck if i would have known how popular this pineapple would be, I would have probably bought the whole collection of them to give to everyone who has asked about it! I found this one for $9.99 and as much as I haven’t been able to find one online for the same price point, I did find some adorable (and very similar) ones for sale. If you’re in the market for a white ceramic pineapple, check out this collection –>>
  • Liquid Eyeliner (Casey): In all my years of wearing makeup, I’ve always used a black pencil for my eyeliner. But one day I read this article, and I decided to give liquid eyeliner a try. Oh my goodness…how had I not tried this out sooner? It stays put all day long and there’s no sharpening your pencil every few times when it gets dull. Seriously lovin’ the liquid lately, and this drugstore brand does the trick at a great price point!08-pineapple-anthropologie-pens-desk
  • Anthropologie Gold Pineapple (Casey): More pineapples! You guys saw this gold pineapple on my desk in my bedroom, and I seriously think it’s pretty dang adorable. I love the hint of glam it adds to the office area, while still being kinda fun and playful. Plus it holds plenty of pens and my scissors, so it’s also functional. And for $16 you really can’t beat that price.
  • J. Crew Glittens (Bridget): I got these “mitten + gloves” from my little sister at Christmas and I seriously love them. I’m a huge glitten fan and have had my share of options throughout the years, but these are one of my favorite pairs I’ve had in years. Maggie picked them up at the J. Crew Factory Store and I love the color, the warmth, and the snug fit (I have tiny hands so I really appreciate when I find gloves that fit).
  • Champagne Stopper (Casey): Champagne is my drink of choice and my go-to cocktail. I love it so much, but I hate when I open a bottle, don’t finish it, and then it loses its fizz and flavor in 1 day. Ugh…the worst. Luckily, my husband came to the rescue this Christmas and gifted me this champagne stopper. It’s specifically meant for champagne and seals it tightly to prevent it from going bad. I’ve opened up a bottle of champs, and finished it days later and it still tastes fresh. Plus you can monogram it and who doesn’t love that?!
  • Navy Skinnies (Casey): Another Christmas gift from my mom (her presents are on point!) These pants are so comfortable, but they look tailored, clean, and fresh. I wear them to work frequently and typically pare them with a button down shirt, a sweater, or a blazer. Classic pants that are a work wardrobe staple.
    • Matching PJ Set (Casey): I was always the girl who just wore old t-shirts and shorts to bed. That is until my mom (dang Jan…you get me sweet gifts. Thanks so much!) got me this matching pajama set. They are so soft and comfortable, and I actually feel kinda put together when I put them on. They’re my go-to travel pajamas, because I don’t feel embarrassed to be seen in them if we’re staying at someone’s house. Yes, they’re pricey for something you sleep in…but they’re oh-so-worth-it. Trust me.

Items we're crushing on

  • Target’s New Home Items (Casey): Holy moley…has anyone else thought they died and went to heaven while at Target lately? For a girl who loathes any sort of shopping that isn’t online (guilty), I can honestly say that their home aisles make me look forward to going to the store. Everything is so on-trend…the marble, the gold, the sheepskin. I We’re thinking this deserves an entire blog post in itself, so perhaps we’ll break down all of our favorite items sometime soon.
  • Leopard Slippers (Casey): There’s nothing I love more than coming home after a long day and throwing something comfy on, and the cold weather has me bundling up…even indoors! I’ve admired these leopard slippers for some time, but haven’t pulled the trigger on them. They look comfortable and cute…which are my 2 must-haves when it comes to slippers.Fall Leaves TOMS Shoes
  • Black Wedges (Bridget & Casey): Are we so boring that we keep showcasing our favorite wedges over and over? Sorry, we just can’t help it. We both love our TOMS and want to add more colors to our shoe collections. Black is next on the list for these 2 gals. Let’s just try not to both wear them when we show up to a business meeting (true story…this actually happened with our gray ones #awkward #twins).
  • Vintage Cubs Hat (Bridget): I’m not a huge baseball fan but I do enjoy rooting for Chicago in pretty much any sport. The Cubs had a great year last year and Matt is a big Cubbie fan. He’s so into the Chicago Cubs that we’re headed out to Phoenix to watch them play in April for his 30th birthday celebration. In honor of the big game, our trip, and any excuse to wear a hat…. I’m totally crushing on this Vintage Cubs Hat these days. I may just have to order it before, you know… to help celebrate Matt’s birthday of course. 😉3-left-nightstand-bedroom
  • Letter Folk (Bridget & Casey): We were recently introduced to these signs on Instagram and have had a serious blogger crush on them ever since. We love the vintage-retro vibe of these personalized signs and REALLY love the custom messages you can create in your home. We can think of about a million ways to use these adorable signs, but who’s counting?! Haha #bloggercrush

So if you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a bestie, a loved one, or maybe even as a gift for yourself (you deserve it!), we hope you’ll consider some of our favorite items. What items are you crush in’ on these days?! We’d love to check them out…

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