Jute Jar Tutorial

Calling all DIY Rookies…here’s your chance to get in the game! We have a super simple DIY on the Playbook today. I promise, the hardest part of this whole project is shopping for the supplies. And…if I know our readers like I think I do…you all can handle the shopping part!
Jute Jar Tutorial
Now that you have your supplies, let’s get started shall we?
Goodwill jar makeover
So I picked up this piece of glassware @ Goodwill for less than fifty cents. I’ll even prove it…
jute jar tutorial
Slap a little hot glue on the base of the bottle and add your jute. Do NOT cut the jute.
From here, follow this combo: glue, wrap, glue, continue to wrap, glue, you get the point.
how to create a jute jar
Keep gluing and wrapping, we’re almost there team!
jute jar steps
Keep going…
Finally, glue the end of the jute and CUT the jute.
cheap and easy DIY
DIY nautical jar
We’ve made it!! Done & done. Painless right?
How to make a jute pitcher
This jute jar can be used as a pitcher or used as a vase. I think I may even jazz up an old coffee can with some jute- what a perfect wide mouth centerpiece base. Wedding decor, nautical touches, or just natural beauty… jute is the perfect touch. Just remember… glue, wrap, don’t cut and you’re all good. Have I recruited any new rookies?
jute vase
diy jute vase
diy nautical vase
How about now??
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