Marble Backsplash – B’s Kitchen Plans

Is it me or is my poor kitchen totally neglected here on the blog? The sad reality is that this poor kitchen is neglected both on the blog and in real life. This room gets practically no attention from me; not as a cook and not as a DIY-er either.
IMG_9023Today, we are changing that! No, I am not here to report that I have taken up cooking in 2015… not even close (sorry Matt). I’m here to report that this corner of our home is not going to be neglected here on the blog too much longer. I’m officially giving our kitchen a little extra LOVE right in time for Valentine’s Day.

My Plans for Marble Backsplash

Kitchen BEFOREBefore I get into the DIY details, let’s chat about how I’m not head-over-heels in love with our kitchen and haven’t been since the day we moved in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to have moved into a home that had these amazing appliances and brand new cabinets. I’m definitely not complaining, I’m just saying that if I were to choose the kitchen combo I probably wouldn’t have picked this cabinet/countertop colors.

I guess it’s just a little too dark for my style and creates a little imbalance in our open floor plan. The one side of our home is super white and bright with our built-ins and then this side of the house is kind of dark and lacks that crisp white look that I love so much.
And don’t get me wrong, the function of our kitchen is amazing, the storage is pretty awesome and I love having an island. This room just isn’t screaming “Bridget’s Style” at the same volume as the rest of the house does. And that’s where today’s DIY project was born.
Kitchen BEFOREMy mission is to use what I already have (because that can’t really change inside of a budget) but add more of my white, bright style. To do this, I’m tackling my first ever DIY kitchen backsplash project (with the supervision of my dad). #ohboyyyy

Prepping for This DIY Project

IMG_9021My plan is to completely DIY the backsplash and change out the outlet covers to match the bright white backsplash look. I’m anticipating that this project will probably equal up to all of the time I have spent in our kitchen since the day we moved in… combined.  And heck, maybe the new marble backsplash will motivate me to spend more time in the kitchen doing a little less DIY and a little more cooking.
TileHere’s the marble(ish) subway tile that I plan on using. Thanks to the poor team of associates that got stuck hosting a Q&A with me the other night for over an HOUR in the Tile Shop, I think I’m ready to tackle this project. Ready to backsplash or not, I know I’m more than ready to add more white into our kitchen that’s for sure! Bring on that marble backsplash!


P.S. Want to see the after of this project? You can see my completed marble backsplash kitchen right here!

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