Landscape & Patio Makeover: Almost there…

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We are almost a week away from our final patio reveal! If you haven’t read the series, you can catch up here, here, and here. In the meantime, allow me to give you the latest update before the BEST part- the dramatic before & afters. [dum, dum, dummmmmm]

So here’s a big tease look into the progress of our landscaping/patio makeover. Ladies and gentleman, we have finally passed the threshold of a lot less dirt and a lot more greenery! #winwin
before landscape
grass progress
landscape progress
landscape before
landscaping progress
We still have the netting/hay down on the lawn to keep the grass seeds on track of growing like a weed,  actually forget I said that, too soon to be joking about weeds around here. (side note: remember when I upcycled that planter box? Those baby sweet potato vines have made us proud and gotten us a lot of neighborhood cred- a little something Matt and I refer to as our “street cred”). You know you’re old when your “street cred” is based on how well your plants have bloomed throughout the gardening season compared to those on the block…haha sad story. 

Well, while Matt has been busy watering our new greenery and improving that street cred, I have been busy awaiting for the arrival of our patio furniture…we have to split up the work somehow, right? Since he’s been doing such a great job fostering our little seedlings into life, I could not disappoint on my end. So here’s my “almost there” updates…

We have patio furniture!! Since we said good-bye to our amazing landscapers (sorry guys, it was fun while it lasted), I’ve said hel-lo to an even more fabulous delivery man; a man who came bearing some serious baggage.

No, not the kind of baggage that came with that old boyfriend (no thank you), but my favorite kind of baggage. The kind of baggage that comes bearing amazing furniture, colorful pillows, and a whole lot of patio glam. Yes, please… Bring on the baggage!

The best part of this delivery is that it was delivered right to the house at a scheduled time that was convenient for us. There was no guessing on whether these boxes would be subject to the traditional UPS ding-dong ditch. These bad boys made a reservation and made sure we’d be waiting for them. How thoughtful, right? I love them already!

The next best part (especially for Matt) was that the furniture came PUT TOGETHER. Yup, no Allen wrenches, no cursing under your breath as you try and decipher directions that bring back unwelcomed memories of the ACT, and most importantly, no frustrated banter between you and your +1 as you try desperately put together a piece of furniture that should have been completed 3 hours ago!

You can throw that frustration out the window, Home Decorators Collection is all about convenience… and  I WE appreciate it! HDC, thank you. Our growing to-do list thanks you, our relationship thanks you, and most importantly, our hatred for reading those directions thanks you…  A LOT!

So here’s our Home Decorators Collection Patio Set. I picked the “surf” set but this also comes in a natural tan-ish color and a “spice” color that is a rich red. I loved all three options, but am glad I went with the surf… it just seemed appropriate for a nautical inspired home.

Before the big reveal, I do have one question… anyone have any creative ideas on what to do with these life size boxes?

Tune in next Friday to see how this amazing furniture fits in our new space. Until then, you’ll probably find me cuddled up on our new surf set or knee deep in some crazy cardboard craft.

Psssttt…. We’re giving away a $150 HOME DECORATORS COLLECTION gift card during our big reveal next week… stay tuned!! 

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