LOVE Picture Frame

Today I want to highlight a project that is an oldie but a goodie.

It’s the L-O-V-E picture frame that we gifted to my mom for Christmas. Here is the original post if you want to create your own.

This project has gotten a lot of….well love here on DIY Playbook. Many of you have recreated the project with your own families, and have even put your own twist on it.

The letters that I made for the project have actually gotten a lot of use! They’ve made their way around my mom’s circle of friends. Some have used them for their own family portraits, and one woman even used the letters for her religious education class picture! Great idea!

I promise it isn’t difficult to create your own letters. All you need is a few poster boards and some black paint.  Also, feel free to think outside of the “LOVE” box depending on how many people you want in the picture. Maybe a last name? Maybe the word SUMMER for a seasonal display? There are oh so many possibilities to make this project your own. Get creative people!

I wanted to bring this bad boy out of the “archives”, just in case you’re looking for a special gift for your own mom or grandma, for this Mother’s Day.

I hope you enjoy this fun project. Please send us a pic at if you create your own version with your family. We would love to see the cute pics!