Magic Carpet

Shopping for my future home is what I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember. While some girls dream about their wedding and meticulously plan each detail, even staying up late to compare notes with their best friends over late night junk food, I was busy dreaming about color schemes, furniture lay-outs, and accessories. I was that kid who spent many days off re-arranging my bedroom furniture just for a new look and a fresh space.

Although I spent years dreaming about the decor, I never thought about the price tag that came with all of these treasures. Call me clueless, but I have been overwhelmed with the total cost of starting from scratch to decorate my home. Yikes!

To set off the mountain of costs, I recently decided to sift through my parents’ attic of “stuff” to find as many treasures (or at least potential treasures) that I could. That’s when I stumbled upon this baby…

Cheap Rug Idea


Rug Remant
She was perfect! Fluffy, neutral, large enough, and the best part… FREE! She was a “scrap” that was left over when my parents bought new carpet in their living room. She has been homeless for at least 10 years, left to fend for herself in the lonely depths of their dark, cold attic.  #poorthing

What to do with Rug Leftovers

Rug ideas
I had no choice but to scoop her up and give her the perfect home, but she needed a little TLC first…
Old Rug ideas


Because she was a scrap piece of rug, or a remnant, the rug’s edges needed to be bound before I gave her a home. I took her to a local rug shop to have her bound and give her a more professional, not-found-in-attic-after-ten-long-years look. I left her at the shop for a few days and $27.00 later…
Old Rug turned new
 I was in love.
Bounding a remnant rug
I haven’t decided exactly where I want to put this rug, but I have decided that I love having a little piece of my parents home (literally) in our new home!
How do you save money on rugs? Have you ever found old “trash” in the attic you transformed into  functional? Tell us about it! 

The Year of Casey

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I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. I’m married to Finn & mom to Rory and Ellis. Together we’re creating our dream home in Chicago, one DIY project at a time.