March 2016 Recap & Personal Updates

The term “March Madness” definitely applies to our past 30 days. And no we’re not talking about basketball (although Mr. Finn did watch his fair share of games!). Our March was mad because it was stuffed with lots of activities. We both went on weekend getaways, and when we were in town we spent lots of time working on Casey’s guest room. All in all, not a lot of downtime for us. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our March 2016


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Behind the Blog this Month

arizona-palm-treesCasey: Every spring, we make a trip out to Arizona to visit my grandma. It’s always so nice to get away from the cold Chicago winter and spend some quality time with family. We take long walks in the morning, hang out in the pool in the afternoon, and then make dinner at night, and find ourselves in bed by 9pm. It’s my kinda vacation!

This year was a little different since we now have a baby in the family, but still just as special! We put Harry in a little baby pool in the backyard and he loved playing and splashing around. I also had so much fun taking pictures of this little chunky monkey.

baby-harry-arizonaMakes me excited for when we have kids and I can snap lots of pictures! Our AZ getaway really was the calm before the storm of the guest room DIY projects.

bridget-casey-diy-guest-room-projectBut I must say, Bridget & I had so much fun spending our days together DIY’ing. It can be easy to get caught up in the administrative side of running the blog, and it was nice to take a step back and spend our hours doing what we love…being creative together! I will say that the hardest part of the guest room makeover was living with our condo being in shambles. Everything had to be moved out of the room and into the main living area…including the furniture & mattress. I cannot stand clutter & mess, so it was a bit hard living in a constant state of chaos during the DIY days. But I survived.


Bridget: I also was lucky enough to sneak away from the cold Chicago temperatures this month and visit Dallas for the first time… ever! My little sister and I went to visit my cousin in Dallas and had such a blast. We loved exploring the city and really loved being outside to soak up some much-needed warm weather. Outside being together and enjoying the sunshine, the highlight of our trip was definitely experiencing the Magnolia Market (recap here). What a creative and inspiring place!

Chicago River Green St. Patricks DayBut ever since I got back from that relaxing weekend, I have spent most of my nights & weekends working on projects (except the Saturday morning we enjoyed one of my favorite Chicago traditions of the year — the dyeing of the Chicago river in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!). Between Casey’s guest room makeover and my mini bedroom refresh, the month has been a bit hectic! But like Casey mentioned, it was actually really fun to step back from the computer and DIY together. Casey and I obviously talk a lot (like everyday) but being together for those long days allowed us lots of time to not only talk about the blog, but catch up on “girl talk” <— I’m sure you ladies tuning in know what I mean. #thebest

bridget_matt-001(sorry about the grainy photo — Matt’s phone is in need of a serious upgrade…yikes)

And now that this crazy busy month is over, Matt and I get a week off to kick back, relax, and celebrate Spring Break together (teacher perks)!! In honor of Matt’s 30th birthday coming up, we are heading out to Phoenix to soak up the sun and check off some of the items on Matt’s bucket list. You can follow along on Instagram & Facebook, but if you have any suggestions before we head out I would LOVEEE to hear them!


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