A Wall of Built-Ins in a Master Bedroom

I’m so happy that you guys have been going gaga over my mom’s new condo. We’ve gotten such amazing feedback from every spot I’ve showcased. It’s so fun for us to show off spaces other than our own homes and we really enjoy tip-toeing outside of our signature style. 

My mom's light bright bedroom makeover

Plus, my mom is thrilled with all of the lovely comments you guys have left regarding her spaces. Thank you for those! At first, she was a little nervous about showing her bedroom on the internet for the world to see (it is a little weird when to think that strangers can see where you sleep each night…), but luckily she has gotten over that aspect of showing her home on the blog. I know Bridget & I certainly got over that creepiness ages ago. Ha!

My Mom’s Condo

How to hang a symmetrical gallery wall of frames in your hallway

To recap, I’ve revealed a few of her spaces here on the blog. First, this awesome symmetrical gallery wall I added to her bedroom hallway.

Adding a slim console to an empty hallway creates a functional entryway and drop zone

Most recently, I showed you guys this simple entryway we added right when you walk in the door of her place. The perfect little spot to throw down your keys and mail each day.

My mom's bright bedroom makeover

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “Gray Owl” // Bed // Art (local from The Painted Lady Chicago) // White Duvet // Blush Quilt // Blush Pillows  // Lumbar Pillow // Woven Shades // Gold Frames // Nightstands // Rug (Ink/Salmon Color) // Sconces // Wicker Tray // Flower Vase // Cream Vase // Faux Greenery // Black Built-In Hardware // Ceiling Fan // Black & White Frames // Hallway Sconce (from Rejuvenation; no longer sold)

And (by far!) the most popular spot is her blush bedroom

Before photos of a blank wall in a bedroom

Such a stunning space for a stunning woman! Today, I’m here to show off the OTHER side of this room. When I photographed her bedroom the first time, the other side looked like this…

Not exactly the same as the other bright and pretty side. After Craigslisting the jewelry cabinet and chair, we were left with a blank space and loads of potential.

Choosing Master Bedroom Built-InsA blank space in a bedroom perfect for custom master bedroom built-ins

From the start, my mom knew she wanted to add a wall of built-ins to this side of her bedroom. Not like the built-ins Bridget & I have in our family rooms, but large cabinets built into the wall with loads of storage! That way she could have drawers for clothing and jewelry, and large cabinets for random items (like wrapping paper!). It would essentially be a large wall of secret storage, with a spot in the middle to mount a TV.

So we started calling around to find a contractor who was up for the job. So many guys came out and looked at the space, but no one ever committed to taking on this large project. Months and months went by, and my mom was still staring at a big blank wall every morning when she woke up.

That’s when Bridget came up with a genius idea. She suggested that we look into hiring a custom closet company to do the job! How did we not think of that?! Within a couple of days, my mom had quotes from both California Closets and Closet Works.

We figured that the California Closets estimate would be pretty high, but when it came back at around $6,800 we were in shock. Yikes. That’s a hefty price to pay!

Luckily, the Closet Works quote was lower…around $5,000. Not cheap by any means, but it was what we were expecting considering the size of the space and is comparable to what Bridget and I have paid for our large walls of built-ins.

Jan gave Closet Works the green light and in less than a month, her new master bedroom built-ins were installed!

Master Bedroom Built-Ins

These master bedroom built-ins add so much storage and style to this space.

I mean can you even?! This wall is so insanely gorgeous.

Gray and beige shaker style cabinets on this master bedroom built-in unit.

We had them build the unit directly into the wall going all the way across the room. They didn’t go all the way to the ceiling because they were worried about matching the ornate trim at the top. Going most of the way up still gave us that high-end look we were going for here.

A drawer for jewelry in this master bedroom built-in unit.

My mom chose shaker-style cabinets in the color “Morning Dew.” I’m so happy we didn’t go with white in here. This warm greige color is stunning. 

An organized jewelry drawer
Large cabinet for storage in the master bedroom

Let’s discuss the ridiculous amount of storage my mom has now. The first couple of drawers hold all of her jewelry. Kinda like my DIY jewelry drawer, but a much higher-end version. With all of the drawers, she now has tons of room for her clothing too. 

Mission drawer pulls from Rejuvenation work perfectly on these master bedroom built-ins

These large cabinets have super deep drawers and my mom is so excited to fill them on up with random items she has around her house. When I took these photos, she was still deciding how she wanted to organize these (always good to be intentional when filling up a new cabinet or drawer!). I think creating a linen closet for towels and extra sheets would be a great use of all of that space. 

A wicker basket from HomeGoods provides the right amount of texture and more storage.

You can go with some of the handle choices provided by Closet Works, but we decided to provide our own. My mom just gave them to the workers on install day and they attached them right then and there. We bought these from Rejuvenation and they are perfect. The black against that warm greige works beautifully, plus I love the hefty size. 

Master bedroom built-ins with a mounted television

In the little cubbies at the top, I added some baskets from HomeGoods. A little texture can go a long way on a large wall of cabinets like this. 

A white planter styled on top of a dresser of drawers.

My mom had the TV mounted in the opening in the middle. She still needs to buy a cord cover for the TV cords (like how we have it on our built-ins), but I was just too excited to share these pictures with you guys to wait for that! 

Large cabinets in the color morning dew.

I love that she also has a little bit of room to style on top of the drawer area. A plant, gold box, and picture frame keep the look simple and streamlined. 

A wall of master bedroom built-ins elevates this entire space and provides storage.

All in all, my mom is so happy that she added master bedroom built-ins. While it was certainly an investment, it adds to her home value and elevates the entire look of her condo. A worthy home improvement cost if you ask me!

Tall cabinets in a master bedroom for storage

So many of you guys have reached out wanting to add built-ins to your own homes and we’ve never been able to point you in the right direction toward a specific place or contractor who does them. But now we’re so happy to know that you can always look into a custom closet company to get the job done! 

My mom was able to get multiple estimates and once she decided…these bad boys were installed in about 3 weeks.

Before & After

A wall of master bedroom built-ins takes this entire space to the next level.
A wall of built-ins in a master bedroom space make the room high-end and functional

Pretty amazing transformation if you ask me!

My mom is now officially calling her master bedroom done! But that only means that it’s time to turn our attention to the other rooms in her house. Right now we’re working on her kitchen and family room…and guys, it’s gonna be so good! More blush, brass, and marble…the perfect feminine home. I’ll be sure to share more once we make some progress…


My mom's organized built-ins

Want to see what these look like inside? Here’s a peek at how we organized them!

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