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{Happy Friday!! While the rookies are away celebrating Casey’s last few weeks as a single lady, Matt & Finn are home manning the blog, fielding your questions, and hopefully staying out of trouble! We hope you enjoy hearing from their perspective for a change but we can’t wait to see you back here on Monday! So what do you say boys… you ready for this?!}


QUESTION #1 Have you ever vetoed one their visions? Did they do it any way? Did you regret your veto because it came out so well?

Finn: I have vetoed many projects, obviously to no avail. Generally I veto them based on hours of labor involved and cost, nothing to do with design. This is why we still have never done light fixtures or headboards – labor city. They always do what they want, they built the Playbook! I always regret my veto, it just gets me in the doghouse and I end up wrong 99% of the time.

Matt: Funny story about “vetoed projects.” Then again, I guess a project can only be vetoed if you are aware that it is going to happen! My garage is my sanctuary. A place where I put my feet up and enjoy the gifts that nature has to offer. One morning, I walk into the garage to see that our cabinets are painted with chalkboard paint and had chalk labels scattered throughout (see what I mean here). It was actually very neat. However, when I looked closer, I realized that the handles were painted with a gold glitter. My jaw dropped and I tried to wash the disbelief out of my eyes (but it didn’t work). That was the ONE and ONLY “wish I could’ve vetoed” project. But really… glitter? In my garage? Placed five feet from my wrestling figures and Springsteen poster? Sorry, girl. No good. Everything else that Bridget does is incredible. I am very lucky for all of the time and hard work she puts in to our house.

QUESTION #2 Since the ladies are very into the visual arts, is it difficult to live up to their expectations with fashion?

Finn: Ironically Casey will not help me out with fashion, she hates to shop. She leaves me to do my own thing and the results are pathetic as expected. Her fashion is pretty simple (and budget friendly!) so we balance out.

Matt: Bridget is always very helpful with her fashion advice but never pushy. She is happy with whatever I wear. However, I know I really pass the test when she says “Cuuutttteeeeeee” as soon as she sees the “final outfit.”

Matt & Finn

QUESTION #3 Since they ladies are always making fun stuff in the house….are your houses full of stuff that just looks like junk to you boys?

Finn: They do a tremendous job of avoiding clutter and re-purposing things. I think our place looks great and without her doing all of this work, I know it would look terrible. Like really, really terrible. A lot of times when one thing comes in, I force her to give something away. The circle of DIY life continues…

Matt: It’s quite simple. When the materials come into the house, it is pure junk. After Bridget puts her magic touch on it, it looks incredible. I am very thankful for that. I never realized how much the DIY lifestyle would rub off on me.  Do I ever have the urge to head to an estate sale to pick up an old ceramic elephant to paint white and put on our buit-ins? Absolutely not. However, now I find myself walking into other houses and thinking “Wow, what are they thinking? I would’ve painted that white and put it on the other coffee table.” The student of DIY might eventually become the teacher. Chances are slim though.

QUESTION #4 If you men started a blog together, what would the blog be about? And what do you think each of your roles would be?

Finn: The blog would revolve around my insane passion for all sports and their important role in our culture. Discussing topics such as salary caps, trade rumors, and all-time great historical debates of sports history. While I feel Daddy (aka Matt) would bring his entertainment flair to the blog and discuss wrestling, lots of wrestling. It would have to be a podcast based site though, I don’t type well.

Matt: I like to think that our blog would be more of a variety show. I don’t think it would have one common theme. I know Finn would cover all things sports. He would be excellent with data, the business side of things and making sure all numbers align. I would cover ANYTHING regarding pro wrestling. I feel that Finn and I would add a lot of video and audio elements to our blog. Would there be a video round table discussion about NBA vs. WWE? Guilty as charged. Anticipated audience number? 2.

the boys

 QUESTION #5 What’s your favorite thing that your significant other has DIY’ed?

Finn: There is a wide range of successful projects she has done for us and others, but my favorite item was something we did a long time ago and we both worked hard on it. It was one of our first projects and we were surprisingly successful. My wonderful mother gave us some antique chairs to experiment on and we decided to paint them white and reupholster them, back when we lived in Wisconsin. Somehow, someway, we made it work and we used them for three years! That was probably the first and last time I was allowed to use the staple gun, but it was and remains to this day, my favorite DIY project.

Matt: My favorite thing that Bridget has DIY’d would have to be our laundry room. She worked so hard on it. Every aspect of the room was done to perfection. She took care of the painting, the pictures, the cabinets etc. It is amazing how one person could have such a vision on a room that I thought looked great already, and turn it into something even more incredible. Well done, Bridge!

Top 11 Rapid Fire Questions

1. Boxers or Briefs?
Matt: Boxer Briefs
Finn: Boxer Briefs
2. Pedicures, yay or nay?
Matt: Wait, for me? NAY!
Finn: Yes…when Casey is paying.
3. Guilty Pleasure?
Matt: The Golden Girls, BBQ Chips, & Oven Pizzas
Finn: Watching Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives
4. Beverage of Choice?
Matt: Squirt
Finn: Rum & Diet
5. Early Bird or Night Owl?
Matt: Early Bird
Finn: Night Owl
6. French Fries or Onion Rings?
Matt: French fries with a side of BBQ sauce
Finn: French fries
7. Classic or New Age?
Matt: Classic
Finn: New Age (EDM)
8. Action Movie, Comedy or Drama?
Matt: Comedy
Finn: Action
9. Pandora Station MVP?
Matt: Johnny Cash Radio
Finn: Tiesto
10. Celeb Crush?
Matt: Rachel McAdams
Finn: Scarlett Johansson
11. Last time you cried?
Matt: Hmmm… probably the last time I watched the movie, Rudy.
Finn: Jimmy Valvano’s speech from the ESPYS. I suggest everyone watch it whenever you’re in need of courage.


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