Mini Seat Makeover

  (Disclaimer: We have partnered with New Uses to bring you this post. The information and opinions expressed are 100% our own, and are not influenced by New Uses.)
How charming is this vintage seat?

When I saw it at New Uses, I couldn’t resist myself. Before I even got it to my car, I had big plans for this little charmer.

My plans, you ask? Number one, ditch the gold base. Although I love me some glamorous gold, I wasn’t feeling it for this project. I wanted new, fresh, shiny, glam.
Number two, trade the green leather cushion for some nautical stripes. Are you surprised?

Step One: Detach the cushion using a simple screw driver.

Easy enough, right? Now you’re left with the simple gold base that needs some new color.

Step Two: Pick a spray paint color and! Since I already took off the cushion, I didn’t even need to use painter’s tape, such a DIY treat.

Step Three: While the paint is drying, pick out a new fabric and reupholster the cushion. I have absolutely z.e.r.o. experience reupholstering, so if I can handle it… I swear you can too!

I used reupholstering fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and bought 3/4 of a yard.
Step Four: Tightly wrap the fabric around the cushion and staple close to the edge. Staple as many times as you can. The corners were a bit tedious because this cushion was round. I kind of just winged each curve until the fabric laid nicely.

Step Five: Cut off the extra fabric.

Step Six: Use the old screws to re-attach the cushion to your newly glamorous silver base!

Step Seven: Enjoy the fruits of your labor. This vintage cushion is now oozing new preppy-ness and I love, love, love it! Tune in tomorrow to see what other DIY project I paired this lil’ cushion up with. Any guesses?

I’ll give you all the scoop tomorrow morning @ 7am. You bring the coffee, I’ll bring the dramatic DIY. Until then…

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